Becoming a blogger turned out to be much harder than originally anticipated:) One actually has to put his/her thoughts down in writing, edit them and publish, which requires a lot of motivation, will power and desire to do, considering that I am a busy individual, like most of us are, juggling things like work, school, and family, just to name a few.. As a result, I wrote nothing for almost a month.

While it is easy to get upset and discouraged with yourself when things do not work out the way we hope they would, the most important rule that one can follow to stay on the path to happiness is remembering to look for the good in everything that is going on around us. Despite what people think, there is something positive in every seemingly negative event or occurrence in our lives. The trick is to keep your mind open so that we are able to pick that positivity up when the opportunity presents itself. And when there is literally nothing good in a given situation, it is up to us to create good from scratch.

This is exactly the route I chose to take on a day when nothing else was working out my way. The boss at work was having a bad day, which always translates into a tense work environment, I got some not-so-good news from a doctor, and found out that my car needed some serious fixing all on the same day. Needless to say, I was struggling to follow my own rule of focusing on the good, mainly because not much good was taking place that day. So I turned to create-your-own-happiness rule. I headed to a DSW store for my lunch break and found a pair of shoes that I would probably not buy under normal circumstances. They were pink, springy, and made me feel good about myself.

It helped me take my mind off the worries; there was nothing I could do about what was causing them anyways and I absolutely love my new shoes!

So, go ahead, tell your worries to wait and go buy yourself some cool new shoes!

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