A couple of days ago I came across an article on CNN that absolutely blew my mind. The article highlighted some of the favorite watch selections that the top 1% of population in the U.S. (or even the world) are wearing today. I flipped through the first couple of featured items with fascination, wondering when would be the time when I can spend 15K on a watch without succumbing to a heart attack. Until I noticed prices on some of those watches and my hair stood up on my head.. Like Richard Mile RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon retails for a little over half a million dollars! That is 5 with 5 zeros after it!! Yeah, I get it- it is always nice to hear hot provoking messages directed at you, but by a watch?? And there are only about 169 of the pre-installed messages that the watch will know how to say.. I mean seriously? Pay 10 years worth of average American’s salary for a watch that knows how to say provocative things in 169 ways, impressive.. not.

IMG_2156So here is my advice of the day: use the 500K to invest into your future, buy yourself a house and a nice car and, chances are, you will be able to reel in a good looking live female to send you those erotic messages in real time and then even be able to act upon them when you get home after a long day at work, if you know what I mean. Having said all of this, also remember to buy yourself a pair of new shoes, Tom Ford has just the right selection here. To understand why the new shoes are probably the most valuable of your investments out of everything mentioned above, click here and Paolo Nutini will explain it better than I can ever possibly hope to 😛

Have you come across anything lately that just simply did not compute in your head based on the price-usefullness-functionality disproportion? Please share below, I would love to hear from you!

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