As you might have already heard, mega pop star Beyoncé released her 6th music album, Lemonade, in an hour-long visual album, which aired on HBO on Saturday, April 23d.

If you had a chance to watch it or listen to any of the music from it, you would quickly pick up hints of infidelity, broken hearts, and a cheating husband. Now, is she really talking about her and Jay Z’s relationship, or simply using her new album as a PR stunt (she did release it exclusively on Tidal, which is owned by Jay Z !!)? I am afraid, that most of us will never truly find out what really inspired the lyrics in her thematically connected album nor is it any of our business. Having said that, the best we can do is speculate. So speculate we must.. as the album is truly incredible and she has done an outstanding work with the flow, vocals and assembly of the entire album, which occurs rather rarely even for some of the greatest artists of all time. Needless to say that anybody who appreciates her music and was touched by the Lemonade, wants to look deeper into the lyrics and understand how the artist came up with the title “Lemonade.”

So here it goes – regardless of the truth behind the lyrics, one picks up a lot of pain, followed by still very young and raw forgiveness and promise that there are going to be no more second chances (who in their right mind would do anything to hurt the relationship with Queen B????!!!????). So from the sound of it seems like a girl (B or not) got hurt by her partner, but she found strength within herself to learn how to forgive and move on (at least for now). This is all nice and dandy, but where did she get the #Lemonade from? This brings me to my conclusion that Lemonade is her way of saying “Do what you might, I will always make the best of it,” kinda playing off the all too familiar phrase that goes like this: “Life gives you lemons? Make lemonade!”

Assuming, the album does cover the true previously untold story of Beyoncè’s not so perfect relationship with Jay Z, here are a couple of points that support the above statement about the meaning behind the title of her album:


  • Beyoncè ‘forgives’ Jay, but on one condition- she will humiliate him publicly and expose the lies and the cheating making it a theme for an entire album! That must have been one tough conversation to have and some pretty ruthless conditions to except for Jay, if everything in the album is indeed true..
  • The album was released exclusively on Tidal, a music streaming service owned by Jay Z himself.. Cheat on your wife and then publicize her accusatory music on your own streaming service.. Yeah, Bey might have been hurt, but she is definitely scoring some awesome revenge points!
  • In one of her songs she is very clear that this is Jay’s ‘final warning.’ She proceeds to claim “you know I give you life. If you try this s**t again, you’ll lose your wife.” So, her pride and image are somehow not hurt at all. Jay Z and “Becky with good hair” are the only two characters that suffer humiliation and Bey is on top. Those lemons really do taste good in her lemonade..
  • This is a story about a woman who was betrayed and cheated on. What does she do? She turns it into a mega successful album, which is bound to make her millions and further engrave her as a major pop diva of XXI century! Way to go B!
  • Lastly, the most idealistic way to make lemonade out of those lemons that you have been served is by truly forgiving from the bottom of your heart and I truly hope that, if alleged Jay Z’s infidelity is real, Beyoncè found the strength to put the past behind her and move on using true love as guidance. As singer’s own words suggest “true love is the greatest weapon.”


Best of luck to Jay and B and to all of you who can relate to this musical gem based on personal experience. Always find a way to make that lemonade, just like Queen B did!

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