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Did you know that we are currently going through the corridor of darkness, during which our worst fears and inner struggles have a tendency to surface?

The first event that kicked this party off occurred on July 13th with a partial solar eclipse. The second eclipse was lunar eclipse on July 27th, which most have probably heard about through one news outlet or another. The final eclipse is going to be solar again and will occur on August 11th. 

This corridor of eclipses is considered a good time for inner self reflection and it is generally recommended to stay away from making big decisions, signing important contracts or taking any other actions that are paramount in their importance in relation to one’s life long-term. So, not a good time to make a career shift, move to another state or country or get married or divorced. 

Vedic astrology maintains that during this period, including a week before the first eclipse and the week after the last one, each and every one of us are bound to face the life lessons that we are meant to experience. 

Here is the kicker, depending on how we react to those mandatory life lessons, we either learn and grow and become a completely transformed new person at the end of this corridor OR we get frustrated and take a step back on our life path and will have to re-live those life lessons again at a later date or even in the next life.

So, remember not to get frazzled by the craziness around you if it seems that emotions are ruling the world for the next two and a half weeks, as everyone else around us is receiving their own life lesson and knowing nothing about this period of darkness, it’s too easy to lose track of one’s path towards kindness and peace. 

Wishing everyone love and understanding and may your lessons turn into wisdom!


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