You might have heard that Jupiter entered Capricorn, a sign of its debilitation, in late March 2020. Jupiter, also known as Guru, is the kindest and wisest planet in our charts. It is also the biggest planet in our Solar System. Given its size and beneficial nature, it’s shifts through Zodiac Signs are felt by everybody, without exceptions, whether you realize it or not. So it’s kind of a big deal! Especially when it is weakened! The whole world feels it in a form of financial crisis, soaring criticism, amorality and chaos in general. Last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was 2008. Coincidence? Not likely.

Vedic Astrologists observe that Jupiter’s placement in our natal charts is tightly associated with our finances, luck, spirituality and mentors. Its transit through Capricorn significantly weakens it though and, as a result, all the good qualities that this planet has to offer are ‘suffering’ right now.

But not all things are lost! And there are ways to alleviate this difficult transit and its impact on your individual life. Not surprisingly, methods to harmonize your relationship with Jupiter during this transit are similar to the harmonization methods of Jupiter as your Soul Planet.

One of the most important things to remember and adhere to as far as Jupiter is concerned is charity and staying away form criticism or judgement of anybody or anything, including yourself.

Thursday is the best suited day for charitable donations. But as my astrology teacher always says “there is no bad days for good doing or giving.” The more you give – the more you get! It is an energy exchange, and Jupiter is the planet that keeps track of all that we give and ensures that we get a corresponding amount. And I am not just talking about money here. Its also one’s dharma, luck, wisdom, adhering to laws, especially the unwritten ones, and quality of teachers along with knowledge that they bring.

What are we seeing already? Criticism of world governments, teachers, astrologers and doctors is soaring. Changes are being made to the laws and regulations establishing new routines and approaches to daily lives to accommodate for COVID-19. Worries about money are intensifying, with markets uncertain on what will happen to the global economy once everything is said and done. People are losing jobs, savings, and the feeling of stability under their feet.

Times like these are not accidental and are here for a reason. The reason being — our communal and individual growth. Think of it as a test. The Universe is just checking to see if we can manage a situation like this with morality and dignity, and, most importantly, without resorting to criticism.

All of us are born on Earth in order to work through our karma. If we had nothing to work on, we would not have been on Earth. That is why the more various ‘trainings’ or ‘test situations’ like this we undergo and grow out of, the less work will be left for our future lives. Isn’t it beautiful?

That is why the best attitude towards everything that is going on – is gratitude. A new, interesting and important karmic ‘training’ is ahead for all of us!

Skies can tell us so much about what’s to come and give us guidance on how to handle it, if we only learn to listen✨

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