With everything going on in the world right now, a lot of people are wondering when this whole COVID-19 thing will end and what to expect coming out of the quarantine, something the world is so desperately trying to do right now. Those keeping up with astro events in the sky know that ALL of 2020 will prove to be NOT easy. The month of May in particular is full of yet another array of events that will blow additional wind onto an already existing fire. That said, “not easy” does not mean the end of the world.

The snapshot of the month of May with the outline of retro moving planets.


You might have heard that Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn in January of 2020, and brought the whole world into a phase of karmic straightening out of affairs, both current and from the past, both individual and communal. Saturn is our teacher that makes sure that the scale of karmic justice is at an equilibrium.

If we wronged someone in this life or last, this period would be the time when life presents us with opportunities to pay it back and make amends. If we mistreated an area of our life in the past, events will keep coming up that will force us to revisit and re-approach that area and hopefully fix it in a way that will prevent it from occurring again. Conversely, if have sown good karmic seeds in the past, right now is the period when we can expect the fruits of our past efforts to ‘pay’ us back.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet in our Solar System and will not fully leave its sign of Capricorn until 2022, so stock up on patience, we are here for a minute. In addition, on May 12th Saturn will start moving in retrograde motion until the end of September 2020. When such an important planet as Saturn goes in retrograde motion, we can expect double the enforcement of karmic ‘rewards.’ The quality of a reward that you will get will depend on the quality of the seeds that you planted.

Saturn also makes sure that we are following our dharmic path. When we step on the wrong path and are not moving in accordance with our calling in life, Saturn might bring depression, sadness and tension. This can play out in multitude of events that might come across as unpleasant, but in reality Saturn is just reminding us to follow our intended path in life. The best way to harmonize Saturn this summer is to make sure that we follow our talents and our calling in life, spend as much time as possible outside in the nature, practice yoga, serve others, express patience with those around us and ourselves.


On May 13th, Venus – a planet of romance, love, luxury and beauty, will also start its retro movement. It will keep moving in retrograde motion until the end of June. Some of the expressions of retro Venus are jealousy, attachment to a partner or material world, misunderstandings in relationship, etc. This is a perfect time to harmonize your relationships with others, especially with your loved one. This is also the time to demonstrate faithfulness to your partner, even in one’s thoughts. Any efforts spent in direction of improving your relationship with your partner will lay positive foundation for years of happiness and fulfillment in your love life.


The planet of wisdom, Dharma and finances – Jupiter, goes in retro motion on May 14th until mid September. We have already started feeling the impact of weakened Jupiter since late March, when it entered an uncomfortable for itself sign of Capricorn. Think global financial crisis.. This will continue and might even exacerbate with Jupiter going into retro movement. The best way to harmonize Jupiter is by regular donation towards charitable causes, selfless good-doing and volunteering, as well as staying away from gossip or criticism. Criticism of any kind simply cuts off the path towards our well being and financial abundance!

To Sum Up

So, as we can see, those who are expecting a miraculous bounce back from COVID to normal are not likely going to see it anytime soon. Similarly, those who expect the end of the world, will probably be disappointed as well. These transitions happen on a recurring basis and are here for us to grow and learn. If we focus on the idea that for every action there is a reaction and pay extra close attention to make sure that we only plant good seeds with our thoughts and actions, these karmic periods will go smoothly for us. If we, on the other hand, carelessly go through life neglecting the lessons that life tries to teach us and don’t apply said lessons to self-growth, these karmic transitions will be a bit rougher in their nature and the going will get tougher in general.

Understanding what is happening in the skies above will ensure the smoothest and most effective transition through these difficult times. More importantly yet, we need to understand that astro events are just the backdrop. What really counts during these times is how we think and act, as these are the seeds that we are planting right now for the years and lifetimes to come.

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