Are you feeling it yet, the deep transformational journey that has already begun? It will leave us all feeling fresh and renewed at the end of it, but it also might feel like a train ran over us in the process.

Everything that is happening in the sky is our path to follow, that we must go through.

In general, planetary placement is rarely fully harmonious and auspicious. If you take into account all factors, there are only maybe a day or two out of the whole year with favorable positions for all planets. Some years even go without auspicious days whatsoever.

But other times, there are periods that are exceptionally difficult and tense. Knowing when these periods will occur, what to expect and how to behave during these uneasy times might help us cope with everything the Universe has in store for us.

One of such difficult periods has started at the end of May and will last through mid-July, intensified by the backdrop of the whole year of 2020 with Saturn in Capricorn, weakened Jupiter, and a few other planets in retrograde during this time.

So what kind of an uneasy period are we talking about?

Currently, the following planets are in retrograde motion:

  • Jupiter (until September 13th)
  • Saturn (until September 29th)
  • Venus (until June 25th)

Jupiter and Saturn – are planets that surface up a lot of our karma as is, so when they go retrograde, even more karmic knots from the past get untangled in a form of various situations, people and events that sometimes can feel like that big old train heading right for you and you are stuck on the rails and cannot get off. When both of these planets go retro, serious karmic lessons will be coming up for us both, communally and individually.

Things may also slow down around us and just would not be able to move any faster, so expect unforeseen external delays in everything.

Everybody has been waiting for June and the end of quarantine hoping to go back to normal lives. Unfortunately, a lot of effort will be required to return things back to normal. Retro Saturn and Jupiter on the first chakra are telling us that we will need to build things up from zero, ground up, starting from the very bottom.

Venus is retro only for a short period of time, until June 25th. During times when Venus and Jupiter are retro, engagements and weddings are not recommended. Venus is responsible for our romantic partnerships, so when retrograde, it can cause complications and delays in relationships. Best things to do right now is to apply yourself in art of some kind.

On June 18th, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjoined by retro Mercury, but only for a little bit (until July 12th). This will give us 4 planets in retro in the month of June!!

What does this mean? Each planet rules 2 houses in our natal chart, so 8 total houses out of 12 will be impacted by some sort of delays, mishaps or misunderstandings.

Moreover, June of 2020 will bring us a corridor of eclipses, consisting of 3 eclipses: 2 lunar eclipses and 1 solar. Eclipses happen every year, but not often do we have 3 in a row, and not always do they coincide with the most difficult periods, such as we are going through right now.

  • June 5th – lunar eclipse in Scorpio
  • June 21st – solar eclipse in Gemini
  • July 5th – lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

It is known that we are starting to feel the impact of the eclipse 7 days ahead of time and 7 days afterwards. These days are not favorable for any new beginnings or any important business in general.

It is very important to keep level head during these times, not to act without thinking, don’t take out loans or open any new accounts, etc.

During such difficult time, we need to maximize our efforts only to stay afloat. Something that was flowing to us effortlessly and naturally in the past will require 10x the effort to maintain. Just be prepared and patient.

The only planet that will serve as our saving grace in the month of June is Mars. While the rest of the planets are moving in retro motion, and our light sources (Sun and Moon) are being overshadowed with eclipses, Mars can provide us with an outlet to harmonize things more or less. But even Mars is not fully ‘healthy’ in June, since it will be going through the signs ruled by Saturn, which is retro right now, and on June 18th it will enter into the sign ruled by Jupiter, which is also retro. So, while Mars is not going to go retrograde on us directly, the signs that it will be going through are impacted by the retro motions of Saturn and Jupiter.

Nevertheless, Mars is the ‘healthiest’ planet for this month, so aligning your energy with it will serve as tremendous help to those of us who pay attention to the areas of our lives for which Mars is responsible.

So what does Mars cover in our lives? Actions! That is why the key phrase for the month of June is “DO! DO! DO!” Do anything and everything. Act in all possible directions! Do something that interests you in terms of self-development, physical exercise, health, art and creativity. Do anything that will strengthen your financial situation, since Jupiter is debilitated, and money is getting tighter and tighter. We all are supposed to be running just a tad faster right now in order to achieve some sort of results.

Pay attention to your travel plans and keep in mind that things might go off rail and unexpected events might throw a monkey wrench into your travel agenda, and things might not go as planned.

Having said all of this, when looking at June from a higher perspective, we understand that karmic lessons are beautiful. When we go through trying times, we grow. We will not grow in comfort. We need trials, such as June is going to present us with, in order to level up. And this month is perfect for working off our past karmic knots. We should feel much lighter starting mid July and even lighter still by the end of September.

I wish you all determined hard work, active time spending and amazing progress in self-growth and development.

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