June 5th, 2020 – the deep transformation is already well underway despite the fact that today is only the first eclipse in a series of 3 that await us in June-July this summer. But you already know it. Everyone is feeling it to some extent or another. Let me tell why you are feeling the way you are feeling right now.

For a lunar eclipse to happen we need two conditions: 1. it has to be full moon and 2. the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu have to align in a way that their position casts a shadow onto the Moon, bringing out raw emotion in every aspect of our existence.

This is the first eclipse out of a series of 3 that are expected later in June – early July. Astrologers call this period – corridor of eclipses. Each eclipse can be felt 7 day prior and 7 days post the actual event.

I like to think of corridor of eclipses to be like a storm that is needed to release the friction in the sky, dumping all the accumulated water that got so heavy that it could not hang up above any longer. The storm can get violent, but it inevitably brings rebirth afterwards: clean air, lush greenery and a fresh new start.

Similarly, these turbulent times that we are living in right now are not easy to navigate and we might feel powerless in the face of everything that is happening. The eclipse will happen in Scorpio in Jyestha nakshatra, which is a nakshatra of power, authority, and gaining courage. With the Moon being overshadowed, we might feel threatened, anxious that we lost control over the situation, but know that its merely the shadow that is being cast over the Moon today. This too shall pass and will leave us all transformed to a degree we didn’t think possible when we were writing out New Year’s Resolutions for this year 🙂

Take it easy today. Spend time outside, with family, out in nature. Take the time for yourself if you can. Practice yoga, sit down for a quiet 5 minute meditation. Take a couple of deep breaths. Take care of yourself in love and kindness. Send a kind deed forward to someone in need. Note: women and children are impacted the most during lunar eclipses!

I share this post in hopes to provide YOU with the necessary tools to be able to cope with everything each one of us is going through during this difficult time. Please keep this article in mind when someone acts out, try not to take things personally and remember that life only provides us with storms so that we can grow bigger, stronger and more resilient. It is a wonderful opportunity to shed layers of past karma if we approach this time with consciousness, unconditional love towards one another and all living things in general, as well as an open heart to the lessons that the Universe is presenting us with right now.

I wish you all awareness, peace, and patience. Please trust that the dark times will go away and the light ones will come to replace them. And those of us remaining here will be completely transformed and renewed as a result.

With love towards you all, dear Souls.

P.S. If you need further support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Also, feel free to share a comment if this was useful, if you have any questions or have an experience to share.

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