CONGRATS TO ALL (MYSELF INCLUDED)! The corridor of eclipses is finally behind us, the hardest part of this summer has past. We can take a couple of deep breaths and relax a bit! Enjoy!

The planets and stars influence our moods, behaviors, and mental states whether we recognize it or not. They slowly will move through the constellations in the sky, the way they have been for millennia, and its entirely up to you if you use this powerful knowledge or not. Personally I cannot even begin to describe the awesomeness that started happening in my life since I allowed planets to guide me back in 2018.

So what does August have in store for us? Read on and find ease in everything you do when you use this knowledge accordingly in your daily, weekly and monthly planning.

First and foremost, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, luxury and romance has entered into its friendly sign of Gemini. This means a lot of communications, meetings, negotiations, journeys near and far, friends, get-togethers, new projects and inspirations. Share this beautiful energy with those around you, communicate, exchange ideas and unite your awesome powers to achieve magical results!

Mercury is still oriented inwards until August 17th. It makes us evaluate our inner drive and desires, spend long hours lost in thoughts. The urge to observe as opposed to speak out is prevalent right now. It is important not to forget to pay attention to our loved ones and send a bit of kindness their way, as it is too easy to get lost in our own inner worlds. After August 17th Mercury will join the Sun and the desire to get out more will come. This will make the public appearances natural and wanted, you will want to present yourself to the world, give speeches and stand out from the crowd.

Jupiter and Saturn are still retro. This is impacting the areas of the finances, work and inner set of beliefs. Both planets are currently going through their own constellations, which gives them strength. Depending on individual placement and respective strength of these planets in your chart, you might be feeling this retro movement a bit harder or easier. The most important thing to remember for all is to take you karmic lessons with grace without complaining or judgement, be more flexible in all areas, try to think outside the box, and accept that the results of your hard labor might come through with delays and difficulties. But all these ‘hiccups’ and challenges are occurring in your life strictly for personal growth and development of a new, better version of you life, *if you allow it.

The second part of August will be POWERFUL! Both planets of strength, energy and achievement – Sun & Mars – will find themselves in strongest positions🔥 This means the time has come for ACTION! Act with dedication and determination! This is the time to materialize the bravest ideas into life! This is also the time of displaying leadership qualities and taking on responsibility! Don’t be afraid to let your true colors shine! The flip side of such vast amount of planetary energy can bring impulsivity and conflict. It’s important to send this energy in the right direction! For starters, physical fitness is a must! Send this energy into achievement of goals, work, scaling up your projects and massive expansion!

Also, keep in mind we are expecting a Full Moon on August 3d and a New Moon on August 18th. Hence, between August 4th and 17th the Moon is waning. This time is good for finishing projects, fasting, cleansing of space in and around you.

Since the Moon is dealing with our emotional side, the weaker days are August 17th, 18th, 25th and 26th. Things to keep in mind on these days:

  • try not to get into conflicts
  • don’t jolt your nervous system
  • keep track of your speech and thoughts
  • best to rest or spend time in peace and quiet
  • do not consume alcohol
  • don’t spend too much time in social media

Please use this knowledge to plan your month and watch the going get easier😚

Sending blessings to everyone reading this!

Oksana Wright Now

OWN your life wRIGHT NOW!

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