I know that the approach that I share with you throughout this site works because I have personally used it to elevate my life to levels of success that I did not dare to dream of when growing up in a poor post Soviet Union family. A too tall, too self-conscious, not good enough girl with $300 in my pocket and nowhere to go I started my journey of independent living in the United States when I was 19.


I also know that the majority of people do not apply this knowledge in their daily lives and are stuck in a miserable cycle of settling for less and self-loathing as a result in the end.


And NOW my mission in life is to share the knowledge that I luckily have discovered with as many people as possible because I have witnessed first-hand how dramatically life-altering this knowledge can be if practiced on a regular basis.
Today I am happily married, look better in my 30s than I did in my 20s, have two beautiful daughters, and grossing collectively with my husband close to $500k a year.