“The sky, jeweled with stars, in reality is an open book of cosmic projection.” – Karl Jung

“Regardless of how complicated astrology might seem, in reality everything is very simple. It’s a system which considers placements of space objects at a certain time, summarizing main aspects of one’s life with deep insights and offering practical guidance.” – Anne M. Nordhouse-Bike

General Natal Chart Analysis $99

General information about your natal chart. This option is recommended for beginners and people new to astrology. You can ask related questions during our session. You will learn about your Soul Planet (your soul’s main task that it came to complete in this life). You will get an understanding of which areas of your life to focus on for an overall personal harmony.

Ask a Specific Question $99

You may already be familiar with your natal chart, know your talents and weaknesses and be actively working on your Soul Planet, but sometimes situations arise, the answers to which we can seek by examining the question through a lens of current planetary movements and gain additional clarity in the path forward.

Themed Consultations $99

*Life Calling
*Phases of Life
*Areas needing the most attention

Book Your Astro Consultation with Oksana Wright Now

*After payment is received, you will get an email with a link to fill out a quick questionnaire. You will need the exact date, time and place of your birth.

**Length of a consultation per session is 1 hour

Package VIP astro + coaching

Astrology gives advice, but it will only be as effective as your ability to follow through.

Coaching helps formulate specific steps and motivates towards action.

By selecting this option, you are investing in an extremely powerful motivational tool for self growth and realization, by working directly with Oksana to achieve the results in the shortest, most efficient way possible.

VIP Astro + coaching – starts out the same as a regular consultation with an hour long introductory call with Oksana PLUS an in-depth “hands-on” dive into all the areas needing attention based on your chart. You also get a custom made plan and corresponding assignments to be completed each week and reported back to Oksana in a video or written format. 

The length of VIP astro-coaching program will depend on the amount of planets needing attention in your chart. On average, it lasts around 2-4 weeks, with meetings taking place twice a week. We work with one planetary energy per week, even though sometimes two or more planets can be combined in the same assignment.



VIP package astro + coaching

Once the payment is received, you will get an email with a link to fill out a questionnaire with your information. You will need your date, time and place of birth.

Let the stars guide you ✨They were here long before we came and they will be here long after we have gone.