Just from the title alone, we all know that this post is primarily written for women (and, of course, gentlemen who are trying to understand their women) as there is no such thing as a guy who would say ‘No’ to sex. If you are still reading, please be advised that this is an honest post about some of the realest feelings one would experience at one point or another in a long-standing relationship.

Being a woman is difficult as is. There is so much to worry about every day that my WordPress account’s memory would not be able to hold if I were to try writing it out. I mean, things ranging from having to pick out an outfit every morning to dealing with our monthly hormonal swings that only intensify with age until they turn into a full-blown hormonal crisis (otherwise known as menopause)! Another, less talked about, part of a challenge, called “being a woman,” is coming up with creative ways to deny our partners in sexual requests without hurting the relationship time and time again.

“Honey, I have a horrible headache.. Honey, I am just so tired! Baby, not tonight..” are all phrases that every woman knows and ‘practices’ fairly often.. At least I used to.., until I discovered a better alternative- just going with it! Choosing sex over yet another excuse why you do not want to get intimate has proven to bring mental and health benefits that I am blessed enough to have experienced on my own, and would like to share with the rest of you.

So, without further adieu, here are the 5 reasons why accepting sexual advances from your partner would benefit you, even at times when you are convinced that your body needs just the opposite:

The first reason being the most obvious one – a simple fact that everyone likes sex! Admit it! Say it our loud! ‘Feeeeeel’ the words as they are coming out of your mouth.. Sex is just as pleasant to us, women, as it is to the guys, arguably even more so! So, why would you want to reject something that has the potential to bring you up to the clouds and let you taste the paradise?!?

Sex leads to orgasm (at least good sex does, otherwise- ruuuuuun!!!) and orgasm is accompanied by the release of oxytocin, aka love hormone. This leads to raised levels of another substance, called CCK, which helps control your appetite. Now, who wouldn’t pick orgasm over a diet?

Orgasm helps you sleep better. A number of hormones that stimulate relaxation, sense of contentment and deepen the sleep are released when we orgasm. Got sleep problems? Sex more!

Some suggest that sex also helps women balance their hormonal imbalances. The magical oxytocin comes in handy in this process as well. Estrogen (goooood!) levels go up, cortisol (baaaad!- it is the main stress hormone) levels go down, bone density (gooood!, otherwise, arguably, we might end up with osteoporosis) increases.. And this is just to name a few..

Having sex once or twice a week can actually boost your immune system as well, which increases your chances of not falling ill and fight those colds off faster if you do. “There’s a study that proved people who have sex one to two times a week actually have an increase in their immune function,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

So if these reasons are not enough for you to go chase your man down right now for a quick intimate oxytocin booster, I really hope you would keep them in mind next time when making a decision on whether or not to accept your partner’s intimate advances;) Happy sexing!


2 Comments on “Why You Should Always Say ‘Yes’ to Sex

  1. Love this blog post! Everyone is too shy about making posts like this.. I’m thinking about doing one about the contraceptive pill & how it has messed up my system.. But feel it would be too tmi & people won’t read/like it!

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    • Hi Hannah! Thanks for the kind words! I say, definitely go for writing your post. Not talking about things that are very real in our lives does not make them disappear! I will tune in to make sure I won’t miss it when you do write it:)

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