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Soul Planet Reading & Mocktails

A Soul Planet in Vedic Astrology has a significant influence on us and points to which lessons our souls came into this life to learn. It also shows our true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies, which qualities we need to work on within ourselves, in order for us to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development.

Additionally, as a Valentine’s Day special the attendees will learn the type of partner that suits them the best based on the placement of planets in their individual natal charts.


Do You Sauna? 

A type of bathhouse where you sit and sweat your negativity out? Why, yes I do! 


Help Yourself by Helping Others

Volunteering your time, assistance or knowledge is by far the best gift you can give to yourself. Yes, you read it right, yourself, not others! Do you know why? Because we are wired in a way that allows us to feel the most self-fulfilled when we give kindness to others.


Learn How To Delegate, You Need It

Do you ever feel like you are constantly bogged down with tasks and responsibilities that you know can be delegated to others but you still can’t let go of control and let others take charge? Keep reading to learn how to change this to achieve a better and freer life ❣️


The Power of Your Vision and Why You Need a Vision Board

Vision has a tendency to materialize.
If you can think it, the Universe knows a way to manifest it. Find tips and tricks and personal success stories to serve as proof that Vision Board really works and how to put one together.


Unlock your inner Genie.. Here is how

Have you ever heard an expression that goes something like this: ‘Careful with your thoughts because they have a tendency to materialize into reality..’ ? One rendition or another of this concept is observed cross-culturally through layers and layers of history, age groups and social status. This article will talk about a very personal experience that I think has the potential to change EVERY- and ANY- thing around you that leaves for more to be desired in your life currently.. So here it goes..


Can Smelling This Mushroom Make a Woman Orgasm?

There has been some rumoring around the internet in the last couple of months that somewhere in the land of far far away there exists this magical mushroom that makes a woman “spontaneously orgasm” just by smelling it. Naturally, I had to investigate further! A possibility of never needing a man in your life was just too exiting not to! The results that I … Read More Can Smelling This Mushroom Make a Woman Orgasm?


Why You Should Always Say ‘Yes’ to Sex

Just from the title alone, we all know that this post is primarily written for women (and, of course, gentlemen who are trying to understand their women) as there is no such thing as a guy who would say ‘No’ to sex. If you are still reading, please be advised that this is an honest post about some of the realest feelings one would experience at one point or another in a long-standing relationship.


5 Natural Ingredients to Enjoy this Fall and Help You Avoid Antibiotics!

Autumn is in full swing. The leaves are turning colors, the air is starting to smell like ‘that time of the year,’ the children are starting to count the days (more like weeks) until Christmas and all you can think about is freezing the morning time for at least a little bit as leaving your bed is becoming increasingly more difficult with one colder day after another. … Read More 5 Natural Ingredients to Enjoy this Fall and Help You Avoid Antibiotics!

First Post – First Spring

Tuesday, Apr 14th, started out like any other April 2015 day — gloomy, cold, and not at all spring-like.. On that day, coming back from a meeting in DC, sitting in the back seat of a cab, I discovered something within myself that I decided to share with the rest of the world. I discovered the need to be happy and I want to … Read More First Post – First Spring

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