A type of bathhouse where you sit and sweat your negativity out? Why, yes I do! 

Did you know? 

👆🏼Saunas used to be quite popular all across Europe in the Middle Ages but with the syphilis breakout, most people chose not to attend public sauna houses anymore, restricting the popularity of such a time passing pretty much just to Finland where the infection did not have as much impact. 

👉🏼 saunas as known in the Western world are mainly considered to be of Finnish origin. However, there are various forms of sauna experiences practiced around the world. I personally carried my love for a good sauna experience from my years spent in Ukraine. 👉🏼 ‘sauna’ is also knows as ‘banya’ in Ukraine and Russia, these two words are pretty much synonymous.

☝🏼Saunas have a number of known benefits. Studies show that regular sauna usage helps with muscle aches and pains,  relaxes the body, relieves anxiety and stress, reduced blood pressure and inflammation and overall stabilized the nervous system.

☝🏼The amount of positive and negative ions in your sauna matter! The traditional wood burning sauna tends to have more negative ions than an electric equivalent and its argued that those negative ions are paramount for a human body to have an ultimate sauna experience with all of its benefits. 

👆🏼There is also an infrared sauna but some state that comparing the traditional wood burning sauna to an infrared sauna is like comparing apples to oranges, in other words, not the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️

So, fo get your sauna on, preferably with the negative ions 😉

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