A planet that sits at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth is called Soul Planet or Atmakaraka in Vedic Astrology. It has a significant influence on us and it shows our true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies, which qualities we need to work on within ourselves, in order for us to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Sun is a planet that radiates the energy of leaders. So when Sun is one’s Soul Planet it indicates that the true talent of these people is to take responsibility for themselves, their loved ones, their town, city, country. They came to Earth to lead, make important decisions, and watch their efforts yield satisfactory results. 

Sun’s nature is very active and fiery. Sun shines onto everything without ever getting tired. If you place this fiery planet into a room, it will burn everything up inside since it possesses way too much energy to be contained in a closed space. Similarly, if a person with the Soul Planet Sun only shines for him/herself, he or she will burn up from the fire of pride and egoism. Sometimes these people are lacking confidence in their capabilities which prevents them from taking any sort of responsibility, including responsibility for their own lives. 

As soon as a person starts thinking about others and starts taking responsibility for his/her actions, their true leadership nature opens up within and everything lines up in a best of ways. Appointments for prestigious leadership roles materialize, financial abundance grows, business flourishes, the relationship with leadership improves and overall luck increases in every area of their life. 

If a person choses not to work on his/her Sun energy to develop leadership qualities, they become too egocentric, prideful and at the same time they lack confidence, disrespect their fathers, leadership and government in general. 

So, instead of shining just for oneself – focus on serving others. 

Instead of lacking confidence – realize your inner self-worth. 

Instead of pridefulness – healthy self-esteem. 

Important – respect your father, boss, leadership and government regardless of their traits of character or style of leadership. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Sun if you are:

Energetic – we all know that person that is constantly go-go-go. They seem to have a never ending supply of energy and always manage to accomplish everything they set out to do.

Noble – all the qualities that good rulers and leaders are known for – generosity, ability to forgive, honesty, high moral standards, aristocratism, knighthood and bravery.

Optimistic – a person that has the ability to see only the good even in most difficult and complex situations. They are full of life and happiness and are gladly willing to share this happiness with those around them.

Ambitious – planet Sun points to the notion of “self” in a natal chart and how developed it is. A person with harmonious Sun strives to accomplish something in his/her life, stand out in a crowd, attain respect and authority. In other words, a person has found an area where he or she can shine!

Independent – a person does not need to be told what to do and what not to do. They know what can be done better, make decisions independently without transferring the responsibility onto anybody else and become natural leaders commanding respect and admiration from their followers.

Ways to harmonize your Sun

✔️Wake up with the Sun

✔️Practice yoga – paying close attention to Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

✔️Establish a good relationship with your father and leadership

✔️Don’t criticize leadership and/or government

✔️Spend as much time outside surrounded by nature as possible

✔️Smile – at least 400 smiles a day

✔️Keep a gratitude journal

✔️Set clear goals and break them down into actionable tasks with established deadlines

✔️Work on developing positive thinking and optimism

✔️Keep your promises, especially to yourself

✔️Organize charity events

✔️Ask yourself (and answer!) the following questions: “What makes me happy?” “What can I do for someone else today” “How can I be useful to someone else today?” etc.

✔️Read the book “Awake the giant within” by Tony Robbins

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