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Soul Planet Reading & Mocktails

A Soul Planet in Vedic Astrology has a significant influence on us and points to which lessons our souls came into this life to learn. It also shows our true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies, which qualities we need to work on within ourselves, in order for us to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development.

Additionally, as a Valentine’s Day special the attendees will learn the type of partner that suits them the best based on the placement of planets in their individual natal charts.


“8 Secrets To OWN Your Life” Webinar

8 vital components that every successful & harmonious person understands. I extracted these Principles from over 10 years of personal experience, rigorous practice and diligent studying across multiple sciences. You can have these amazing Secrets outlined to you in a little over an hour. Talk about a time saver and efficiency 🤩 If you are not sure about whether this is for you, just ask yourself a question: “If you do not change anything about your life today, will you be happy when you look around yourself a year from now?” Don’t wait, the time to OWN your life is NOW!