You cannot build a bright FUTURE without healing the PAST

Oksana Wright


In This Webinar You Will Learn How To Transmute The Subconscious Into Conscious So That It Aligns With YOUR Dreams and Desires, Activate Your Super Powers, and Manifest The Next Level Of Your Desired Reality With Ease, Grace, And Most Importantly, STRESS-FREE!

In a little over an hour I’ve summarized years’ worth of knowledge gathered across numerous trainings and practices that span across multiple sciences examining energy flows, psychology, self healing and meditation. When practiced daily, the 8 truths shared in this video will help you activate YOUR inner warrior, awaken your intuition, heal past trauma experiences and aid in avoiding stress from accumulating in the future.

I’m offering this at a fraction of the usual investment because I know how important this work is – now more than ever.

💎 Here is what you will find in this Webinar:

💎 Resourceful Person. WHO it is and WHY you want to become one.

💎 The Power of Our Subconscious & what to do with it.

💎 Intuition. We all have it.

💎 Breaking the self-feeding loop of STRESS.

💎 The secret to Multitasking.

💎 How to exit a Panic Attack.

💎 A tool to make your WILDEST DREAMS come true!

💎 The CROWN JEWEL of the Webinar is an exercise at the end to unlock your SUPER POWER!

💎💎💎YES! I’M IN!💎💎💎

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The Details:

💎A resourceful person is someone who can handle a stressful trigger, digest it and let it pass through his/her body without leaving any residue, with the exception of the lesson learnt. In this resourceful manner we may fall but always rise again with renewed appreciation for who we are and what we are capable of BUT without traumatic sediment that is inevitably going to turn into disease, if left unattended.

💎 We all know that our THOUGHTS lead to ACTIONS and ACTIONS in turn form our REALITY. But did you know that 90% of our thinking is ruled by our subconsciousness, a set of programs and beliefs picked up sometime during our early childhood? So, if your reality is less than perfect, you know where to look – thats right – your subconsciousness. I provide details, examples and tools to take apart and reconstruct the limiting side of your subconsciousness and align it with your DESIRED NEW REALITY.

💎 We all have heard about intuition, but most people rarely let it guide them. In this webinar I share an exercise that will never lead you astray when making an important life decision with the help of your.. you guessed it.. INTUITION.

💎 Find tools for how to break the self-reinforcing cycle of stress triggered imbalance.

💎 A note on multitasking and how bad we are at it. This will definitely help you re-invent yourself and how you approach life in general, making you a gazillion times more efficient at everything you do!

💎 Panic attack much? Find a tool inside to help you exit it when you find yourself triggered and return to the centered and calm state of the Super Human that you are!

💎 I also share a way to make even your wildest dreams come true through a form of structural approach that is easy to follow and requires a minimal amount of maintenance.

💎 I end the webinar with the most powerful exercise that will allow you to synchronize your subconsciousness, physical body and your conscious side, if done daily. It’s the 3D effect that will unlock your inner Creator, Warrior, and a TRUE SUPER HUMAN!

The time has come for you to OWN your life wRIGHT NOW! And I am here to help!

Oksana Wright

💎💎💎YES! I’M IN!💎💎💎

Click PURCHASE or LOG IN to get instant access to the full Webinar NOW!

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