Venus is a planet of beauty, luxury, wealth, good taste and artistic talents. This is a planet of artists, musicians, love and romantics. But only a harmonized Venus rewards a person with these qualities. Having Venus as your Soul Planet points to your soul’s desire to work through the qualities of this planet and establish a harmonious relationship with it. Vedic Astrology suggests that this task sometimes can take several lifetimes to complete. And until you harmonize your relationship with your Soul Planet, its energy will be coming through in a distorted way. So instead of tasteful you will find distaste, instead of beautiful you will find unattractive, instead of happily in love, you will find either an old maiden or a girl that is promiscuous, etc. 

Non-harmonized Venus might show up in a form of lack of attention towards one’s appearance, not wanting to create, absence of romantic adventures in relationships, or promiscuity, vulgar behavior, excessive clinginess to partners, or to material things.  

It is important for a person with Venus as Soul Planet to learn how to differentiate between unconditional love and attachment, to be faithful and loyal in relationships, create a space of beauty and love all around you. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Venus if you are:

Attractive – not so much what you look like, but rather how you carry yourself, how tasteful your choice of clothing is, how appropriate and carefully selected your accessories are, etc. A person with harmonious Venus will never sacrifice his/her self-care, but at the same time does not spend day and night looking in the mirror. A look after multiple ‘perfecting’ plastic surgeries points more towards a Venus that is not harmonious than the other way around.

Artistic/Creative – this does not necessarily mean that the person needs to be a dancer, opera singer, drama actor or a great painter, but rather apply creativity in daily life, whatever the surrounding might be. Harmonious Venus gives a person ability to creatively solve problems and difficult situation in any given field, whether it be engineering, sales negotiating, cooking, construction, teaching, etc.

Harmonious relationship with he opposite sex – a good Venus gives a person the ability to find a good partner, build solid relationship and be happy in a marriage as well as the ability to understand, respect, support, and value the opposite sex.

Satisfaction with their material standing – a person with harmonious Venus does not lack anything and is genuinely happy with what they have. Venus is responsible for wealth and abundance, but too often we see people who seemingly have it all but are still unhappy. People with a good Venus really know how to enjoy what they have to the max – hence they are the ones who are truly living beautifully.

Kindness and ability to forgive – Venus, unlike other planets, does not gain strength from being located in its own signs where she rules, Taurus and Libra, but rather in Pisces – the most kind and sensitive sing out of the entire zodiac. Hence, the more harmonious your Venus is, the kinder you treat those around you and the more accepting and understanding you are towards everyone’s differences, easily forgiving their mistakes and only seeing the best in people.

Ways to harmonize: 

  • Create, draw, sing, play musical instruments, craft, dance, cook – any artistic expression would do as long as you keep the energy of creativity and inspiration flowing through you!
  • Create beauty all around yourself – elegant setting of the table, dress nicely, decorate your space.
  • Be faithful to your partner.
  • Learn how to differentiate between love and attachment.
  • Learn how to accept gifts graciously.
  • Learn how to ask for help (for women).
  • Take care of your appearance. 
  • For men – shower your wife with flowers and jewelry gifts often.

So, if any area in your life that touches on anything Venus related is lacking, you know where to start harmonizing your life! Remember, you are the OWNer and Creator of your destiny.

Is your Soul Planet Venus? How do you see it come through in your life?

Don’t know what your Soul Planet is? Find out here👇🏼

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