Mercury is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. It has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Mercury is a planet of communications, intellect, foreign languages and astrology. Harmonious Mercury makes people sharp, logical, great speakers, polyglots, brilliant writers. It also gives us the ability to lead any type of negotiations, run a successful business and the ability to sell anything under the sun. 

A Mercury that is not harmonious gives people issues with their communications – one might talk non-stop or be overly quiet, or might not be able to formulate his/her thoughts properly before they even turn into words. Such a person will have a hard time communicating with others. and are frequently misunderstood by their listeners. Often, these people attend tons of seminars and lectures, but cannot apply their knowledge in practice, cannot focus and concentrate. Such a person might think that he/she has issues remembering things, for example, foreign words, and would often think and say that they have bad memory.

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Mercury if you are:

Curious and able to learn – Mercury is responsible for our intellect, something that requires constant toning and training. A person with good Mercury always works to keep his/her brain sharp by exploring new knowledge, which they find inspiring and motivating. Whether it be learning a new language just because, or take a course on speed reading, learn about astrology, etc. These people have the mindset of “why not?”

Clear thinker and excellent communicator – Why some people can think clearly while others have just a mumbo-jumbo in their heads? The reason is that Mercury is not compatible with our emotional side (Moon). A person with a harmonious Mercury is able to separate his thinking from his emotions. Such a person can concentrate on the very process of analytical thinking and healthy weighing of all contributing factors to whatever the situation might be. People that think clearly – express themselves clearly. Hence, their speech (both written and oral) is concise, grammatically correct, structured and clear.

Logical and analytical – Mercury is the only planet that exalts in it’s own sign, Libra. Its most favorite task to do is to gather information, analyze, structure and organize it – and this is something which the sign of Libra is the most suitable for. Hence, the better your Mercury – the more analytical and logical you are.

Communicative and able to negotiate effectively – Sometimes 5 minutes spent with an expert in any area can help us more than weeks trying to make sense of that topic on our own. A person with a harmonious Mercury understands that better than others, that is why one of their most important skills is the ability to communicate effectively as well as acquiring and maintaining beneficial relationships.

A person with a good sense of humor – in Vedic mythology Mercury is a young prince, who loves to play and joke around. Similarly, a good Mercury gives a person a good sense of humor (not dirty or perverted humor) and this sense of highness and playfulness. Such a person can notice the funniest moments in any situation and even light heartedly laugh at their own self.

Ways to harmonize:

  • Develop speech. Read out loud, recite poems
  • Form and say thoughts and emotions out loud to yourself
  • Record your speech, find imperfections and work to improve them
  • Be generous with compliments to others
  • Learn foreign languages
  • Write. You might just copy paragraphs from lectures, books or copy down recipes from a culinary book
  • Apply learnt material in practice
  • Study precise sciences
  • Learn to communicate (take classes, read articles and tips on effective communication, participate in toast masters, etc.)
  • Keep a journal. You can write out 100 good qualities about yourself, your partner, your parents and keep reading them out loud. 

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