When I first came to the United States I could have never imagined that I would never go back home to stay. I brought a calendar with me where I circled and bedazzled the date of my return ticket home. I never took that flight.. Somewhere between my arrival to the U.S. and before that scheduled return flight I found a dream that I had since I was a little girl. Growing up in harsh conditions of a tiny village even on the gloomiest of days I knew somewhere deep down that I would live abroad and that my future husband would have an exotic name, one that people did not really give to their newborn sons in formerly Soviet Ukraine. Sure, I understand that Carl is nothing special for a name here, but my family still gets a kick out of ‘Karlusik’ every now and again. So, exotically named husband – check ✔️!

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah – Power of Vision!

Every time I go back to visit that tiny village I am astounded at how content its people are living out their days in such an unwelcoming and poor environment. For as long as I remember myself I kinda knew that I was different in that without any doubt in my mind I believed that I belonged someplace important, someplace where the urban kids would not make fun of me because I was from a village, someplace like Washington, DC. Yesssss, this is it! Important? – you bettcha! No urban kids are making fun of me, thank goodness *laugh out loud* .. I could not have planned it any better, the only thing is that I didn’t. I didn’t plan to live in DC, in fact I did not know where that place would be from my childhood dreams. But I did have a Vision and it led me to where I am today, which is astoundingly further than most of my peers and co-villagers even can think to dream of.

“Because I like to do it this way!” – snarled my pimple-ridden 13 year old self in response to a group of middle-aged women making comments about how I was washing the dishes. They were congregating in our kitchen trying to split up the costs of divvied up pig that my parents had bought along with other 3 families to share for the winter. I hated doing dishes. No running water, let alone hot. Dirty pots were used as vessels for water transfer and heating, then served as a washing basins for the smaller dishes. Heating water again for the rinsing cycle, repeat the process.. The rags were always torn, dish soap never soapy enough, that is until we started splurging on Fairy – the dish soap sent from heaven for Ukrainian dishwashing practices.

“And just so that all of you know, I will own my own dishwasher when I have my home!” – I continued. Right as I said it, the ridiculousness of the statement surprised me. Who was I kidding? I had never been to a place that had a dishwasher, I only knew about it in theory, where was I gonna get a dishwasher from even if I did manage to somehow move out of my parents’ apartment one day. But there is was, I said it, no going back now. The laughter that erupted from the ladies further convinced me that I could not retract my statement and the only option was to stay true to that Vision.

And I did. Today I own a beautiful home and of course you guessed it – a dishwasher! For the reference, none of those ladies that were gathered that day in our khrushchovka style kitchenette own a dishwasher to this day, nearly 2 decades later. Nor do their children..

The dishwasher example is another one of those looking-back-and-realizing-something type of moments. I have plenty more of stories like that. I was blessed to be able to achieve pretty much anything I set forth to achieve and I gotta tell you it feels pretty darn incredible!! But all of the accomplishments, mine or someone else’s, always without exception start with a dream, a Vision!

Once you arrive at the same conclusion:

Vision has a tendency to materialize. 
If you can think it, the Universe knows a way to manifest it.

it is only a matter of time that you also understand that taking a moment and setting your Vision purposefully as opposed to waiting for it to emerge creates a faster path for its manifestation.

Enter Vision Board:


Creating a Vision Board is fun because at the minimum it has you thinking in the what-is-my-purpose-in-life trajectory, which is a great start, if you haven’t already done so. Setting your goals on a board in a place where you will constantly see it will serve as a visual reminder of where you want to be in life. However, it is equally as important to ‘work’ with the Vision Board, which will amplify the signal that your being sends out into the Universe and will deliver your goals without fail if you put your trust into it.

Working with the Vision Board

The more time you spend looking at the Board and actually seeing and feeling yourself as if all of the things on the board have already been achieved, the more effective it will be in helping you reach your Vision~

Thinking happy and positive thoughts while visualizing your goals will boost your journey to success~

Spend several minutes in the morning and evening going through your desired goals on the board and feel the awesomeness that achieving all of them will undoubtedly bring~

Take this dreamy board image with you in mind and keep it throughout the day until you look at it again at night~


How to make a Vision Board

Easy, start plastering your desired goal printouts with as much detail as possible all over the walls! Photoshop your face into the body building competition line-up, write a fake article singing accolades to your newly published book, write yourself a check for $1 million and put it up on the board. Anything goes, anything that you truly desire is just a Vision Board away. To purchase the Kit that I used for my Vision Board, visit the QOC Shop.

And don’t forget to send me a thank you card and a check when your dreams are achieved through the help of using Vision Board. Or just drop me a note, hearing success stories is my favorite thing to do *bear hugging*



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