Saturn (or Shani in sanskrit) is the energy of justice, fairness, and discipline, but, at the same time, kindness, patience and true acceptance. Saturn serves as our karmic Teacher, and can give punishments in a form of illnesses, jail, and death.

Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn in January 2020, which gave him super strength. Moreover, since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, this position is further intensified. Given that Capricorn loves hard work and Saturn is our karmic teacher, this astro combination is very likely to present humanity with opportunities to karmically cleanse their past actions during this time. Expect justice to be served to us ALL, on ALL levels.

Our job is to embrace this period as a graceful course guide, accept what is and focus on the NOW. With our daily actions we keep planting seeds for the future, whether they are good or bad will depend totally on the quality of the seed that we choose to plant today.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet in our solar system. On average it takes it 2.5 years to go through one Zodiac sign. So, given that we are here for a good bit, below are some of the ways you can harmonize Saturnian energy in your life (translated by me from the book Planets by Svetlana Budina, originally published in Russian):

Discipline and Dharma

– In relationships
– At home and at work
– In details
– In daily regime
– Responsibility

Physical Body and Health

– Yoga
– Running
– Trampoline
– Active games
– Swimming
– Dancing

The Ability to Rest and Relax

– Live out in nature (OWN note: or at least spend as much time outdoors as possible)
– Plan vacations
– Water treatments (spa, sauna, hot tub, etc)
– Regular massages
– Comfortable bed for sleeping
– A hobby that you love
– Alternation of physical activity with mental
– Music and arts

Working with the Fears and Limiting Beliefs

– Meditation
– Studying psychology
– Individual coaching
– Art therapy

Working with the Sadness

– Awareness
– Find a hobby
– Smile more
– Humor
– Comedies
– Practice yoga
– Keep the journal of gratitude
– Praise yourself
– Hang out with positive people
– Any physical activity is mandatory
– House pets cure sadness

Color Therapy

– Decrease the amount of black color in your wardrobe
– Add bright colored scarves and accessories
– Hang nice art around your home
– Add bright splashes of color in your home decor
– Buy nice flowery dinnerware
– Change your hair color (stay away from back)
– Renovate your home or a part of it, bringing in fresh light into it

I hope this sacred ancient wisdom finds a place in your heart, dear Reader, for the highest good of every Soul involved 🙏🏼

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