Technically Rahu is not a planet, but is rather a lunar node. However, for the purposes of this article and the theme of Soul Planets, I will be referring to it as a planet.

Rahu is one of the most revolutionary and rebellious planets. It’s always moving in retrograde motion, aka backwards. Similarly, people with highlighted energy of Rahu always stand out in the crowd, they are not like others. They have a ton of ideas, revolutionary spirit, and are not afraid of massive global projects. Rahu’s energy is limitless and expansive. A person with strong Rahu can create a business, scale it massively and become hugely successful as a result.

However, there is also a negative side to Rahu and its limitless nature – any type of illusion, drugs, alcohol, night life with artificial lighting, gambling, gaming, etc. Sometimes, its really hard to stop once you are there.

A person with a Soul Planet Rahu came to Earth to limitlessly serve others through social realization and creation of new massive projects and technologies to better societies.

It is worth noting that our modern world is so full of Rahu’s energy that people with a truly harmonious Rahu can be found very rarely. So as a good rule of thumb, it is important for all of us to keep improving our relationship with this planet.

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Rahu if you are:

Not interested in alcohol and other intoxicants – Rahu is an energy of smoke and illusion that clouds good judgment and ability to see reality. People with harmonious Rahu stay away from illusions and temptations. Moreover, they are inspired by the clarity of mind, and feel like it is their super power. That is why they are not interested in any kind of intoxicants whatsoever.

Inventive – all ground breaking technological advancements such as internet, smart digital devices, and self driving cars were invented under the good influence of Rahu. This energy, if used for good, can birth phenomenal ideas and projects.

Capable of controlling your desires – Rahu does not know limits. This energy wants everything in an immediate fashion without thinking or worrying about the consequences. A harmonious Rahu enables people to control their desires by consciously filtering out the ones that are excessive or unnecessary and keeping the beneficial ones. This approach prevents the rise of addictions and their consequences.

Striving towards everything natural – mental illnesses are very widespread in big cities, partially because of the constant glow of the artificial lights and processed food full of chemicals – all result of Rahu’s influence. A harmonious relationship with Rahu gives people the desire and ability to spend a lot of time out in nature, strive towards eating natural foods, wear clothes made out of natural fabrics, use natural make up and follow a natural rhythm of the day.

Generous and selfless – Rahu is a material illusion. People with harmonious Rahu recognize that material world is built on illusion and is transitory. They understand that it is pointless to try to hold onto anything material given that we cannot take any of that with us when we die. The only thing of importance that we can take with us into our next realizations is fruits of conscious growth, kindness and actions in this life.

Ways to harmonize Rahu:

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Avoid gaming and gambling
  • Limit time spent watching TV, getting lost watching people living illusionary lives
  • Spend as much time out in nature as possible
  • Eat healthy natural foods
  • Maintain cleanliness at home and in relationships
  • Wear clothes made out of natural fabrics
  • Explore homeopathic medicinal solutions before turning to a pharmacist
  • Keep your promises, don’t lie or cheat
  • Organize massive charitable events and projects

So how do you feel your Rahu is doing? Remember, that we are all here to learn and grow and Rahu is one of the energies that is so vast and all encompassing that paying attention to its harmonization is something to keep in mind regardless of whether it is your Soul Planet or not. Leave a comment below if you have anything to share! XOXO, Oksana

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