Jupiter is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. It has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Jupiter is a planet that gives us wisdom, true knowledge, righteousness of thought, wealth, innate unconditional love towards every living being, a good partner to women and a lot of children. These people can be gurus, mentors and teachers.

Jupiter that is not harmonized shows through in problems with morality and ethics, issues with a spouse and partners, lack of desire to have children, a certain misalignment with the energy of money, criticism of others, extreme fanaticism and lack of flexibility in relationships and daily life, pride of large amounts of information that never transformed into knowledge. 

People with unharmonized Jupiter only see and accept their own truth. They do not listen to advice from others until they see first hand that it is correct and take it as their own rule. Sometimes standing firm on your convictions is good, for example “I know alcohol is bad and I am not listening to anybody telling me otherwise,” but for the most part this fanaticism, stubbornness and inflexibility are self-limiting and do not let the person progress further. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with planet Jupiter if you are:

Wise – such a person is able to see any given situation from every angle and predict all possible outcomes depending on which actions are taken. This is exactly why an older person is so much wiser than someone who is young – sheer life experience that turns into wisdom. A harmonious Jupiter opens up our minds to the experience that we have accumulated across millions of our past lives and allows us to access that wisdom when dealing with daily tasks. This wisdom that spans across lifetimes is a true gift that Jupiter gives us. 

Optimistic – Jupiter is the happiest planet. A person with good relationship with Jupiter sees more good around than bad, more opportunities than obstacles, more positive than negative.

Benevolent  – harmonious Jupiter allows a person to see that every person that we meet along the way is our teacher, and that every life situation that we come across is our school, teaching us lessons and then testing our knowledge against what we have learnt. If this understanding is present then one treats everyone with kindness and acceptance and is not critical or judgy towards anybody.

Kind and respectful towards all forms of life and willing to create good – an unharmonious Jupiter makes a person greedy and not willing to share, adding constant worry or anxiety about the money. Sometimes a person might not even feel comfortable to give a complement. If you think or hear phrases such as “I’ll start giving once I have more money,” “I would love to give but honestly I do not have enough for myself,” it’s a sign that Jupiter needs harmonization. That perfect moment to give never comes. A person who is willing to give does so regardless of how much of their own money or time they have – they always find a way – this is a trait of a harmonious Jupiter. 

Honest and sincere – a harmonious Jupiter gives a person strength to live according to dharma (fulfilling his/her role on Earth) and consciousness. A person with clean consciousness has nothing to hide, that is why such people are honest, sincere, open and calm. 

Ways to harmonize Jupiter:

  • Control your speech – only respectful and clean from offensive vocabulary
  • Do not criticize and judge anybody, especially leadership and government
  • Be more flexible, especially around the house and in relationships with the loved ones
  • Always use logic and wisdom in approaching any situation
  • Take care of children
  • Respect your spouse, elderly, teachers and leadership
  • Keep your moral compass pointing towards what is right, even in the tiniest details
  • Keep a journal, record your wise thoughts
  • Attend sacred and spiritual places
  • Study sacred writings
  • Study and explore books of great teachers
  • Practice spirituality (faith, religion, etc)
  • Be smart and attentive with money, keep a balance sheet
  • Donate time and money to charitable causes, especially good day for donations is Thursday

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