Planet Saturn is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. This planet has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

If Saturn’s energy is not harmonized it might show up in a person’s life as high tension and sadness. Certain fears might be present, especially regarding basic needs, for example, fear of not having enough food or lack of stable roof over one’s head, fear of loneliness, illnesses, death, war, etc. And even if the stores are full with food, a person is overly prepared for the ‘what if,’ with two refrigerators stocked up with food, or some other excessive food/item storage variety. Tension can materialize in a form of headaches, osteochondrosis, issues with skeletal structure, bone health issues or the inability to dance, and problems with teeth.

Saturn is the most serious planet out of the 9 in Vedic Astrology. It is the slowest moving planet as well. Harmonious relationship with this planet’s energy makes a person responsible, gives the ability to bring structure into chaos, organizational skills, love of cleanliness and tidiness, gives the ability to serve others, makes a person patient and serious. 

It is both hard and easy to work with one’s Soul Planet. Bringing awareness to daily emotions will reduce the amount of life situations that Universe will throw at us. Working with your Soul Planet is like preemptively taking life tests to demonstrate growth and, eventually, proficiency.

You know you have a harmonious relationship with planet Saturn if you are:

Hardworking – a person with a harmonious Saturn does not understand how it is possible to sit still and not do anything. They are constantly working to create good to others, learn to develop and grow and apply what they learn in practice.

Organized and structured – how can you do anything surrounded by chaos? People with harmonious Saturn organizes everything in their personal as well as business lives, including bringing organization with them even when they vacation. Frequently utilized tools by such a person are a journal, daily planner, lists of tasks, which get crossed out meticulously upon their successful completion, all the while the person is thoroughly enjoying this process of organization and fulfillment of tasks.

Responsibility for his words and actions – saying something for the sake of hearing yourself talk or empty promises is not a trait of a harmonious Saturn. On the contrary, this person will definitely do what he/she said will do exactly at the time when promised. These are the people that take a word “deadline” very seriously and will not compromise it to the best of their ability.

Shyness – and not a physical one but rather shyness of thoughts. For example, upon a successful completion of a massive project, knowing that the bulk of the work was done by them, they will never even think in the direction of “I am so great, what would they do without me, etc.” On the contrary, they will feel like there was still room for improvement and will try to work harder next time. This is not to say that he will not say something like this out loud, understanding that self-praise is sometimes important and will help with career advancement.

Humble – the hardest work in our lives involves work concerning self-development and inner growth. People with harmonious Saturn understand this best of all. They understand that their time on Earth is limited and that the Universe is acting through them, so they are wise with how they spend their time. This understanding enables them to accept all life situations as the Universe’s doing in everything and surrendering to it.

Ways to harmonize Saturn:

  • Yoga or gymnastics for flexibility
  • Dancing
  • Any type of sport activity, running or sport games
  • Favorite hobby for relaxing – crafting, painting, creating, music, etc. 
  • Relaxing oil massages weekly
  • Water treatments, swimming, spa, sauna, steam room
  • Diary of gratitudes, write down at least 3 things for which you are grateful daily
  • Learn to structure and organize everything in life and at work
  • Trampoline jumps
  • If the fears are really strong, consult a psychologist 
  • Meditation at the water or candle flame
  • Live away from big cities or go out into nature as often as possible
  • Smile – 400 smiles a day
  • Watch funny shows or comedy movies
  • Stay away from black color in your wardrobe

Do you feel a strong energy of Saturn within you? Or are you one of those people that is constantly arriving to all meeting last minute and have a zombie apocalypse kit ready at home 😂? Let me know in the comments below how it is showing up in your life! I would love to hear from you, dear Soul 🙏🏼

2 Comments on “Soul Planet – Saturn

  1. I can’t connect to some aspects of Saturn. I almost couldn’t believe it was my soul planet. But I do see some similarities as stagnation, fear, wearing dark clothing. I see that in my past. I’m very positive, playful and not serious or organized at all. I feel like I’m pure chaos. I’m not at all transitional in any way. I have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart so maybe that’s why. 🤷‍♀️


    • Our Soul Planet was given to us as an energy to work on at birth. As we grow older and do work on self, which most people, who find their way to astrology usually do, it is only natural to expect that you will start turning some of those misaligned energies into your talents, so not everything will resonate any longer💖


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