August. What The Planets Have In Store For Us.

CONGRATS TO ALL (MYSELF INCLUDED)! The corridor of eclipses is finally behind us, the hardest part of this summer has past. We can take a couple of deep breaths and relax a bit! Enjoy!

The planets and stars influence our moods, behaviors, and mental states whether we recognize it or not. They slowly will move through the constellations in the sky, the way they have been for millennia, and its entirely up to you if you use this powerful knowledge or not. Personally I cannot even begin to describe the awesomeness that started happening in my life since I allowed planets to guide me back in 2018.

So what does August have in store for us? Read on and find ease in everything you do when you use this knowledge accordingly in your daily, weekly and monthly planning.

First and foremost, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, luxury and romance has entered into its friendly sign of Gemini. This means a lot of communications, meetings, negotiations, journeys near and far, friends, get-togethers, new projects and inspirations. Share this beautiful energy with those around you, communicate, exchange ideas and unite your awesome powers to achieve magical results!

Mercury is still oriented inwards until August 17th. It makes us evaluate our inner drive and desires, spend long hours lost in thoughts. The urge to observe as opposed to speak out is prevalent right now. It is important not to forget to pay attention to our loved ones and send a bit of kindness their way, as it is too easy to get lost in our own inner worlds. After August 17th Mercury will join the Sun and the desire to get out more will come. This will make the public appearances natural and wanted, you will want to present yourself to the world, give speeches and stand out from the crowd.

Jupiter and Saturn are still retro. This is impacting the areas of the finances, work and inner set of beliefs. Both planets are currently going through their own constellations, which gives them strength. Depending on individual placement and respective strength of these planets in your chart, you might be feeling this retro movement a bit harder or easier. The most important thing to remember for all is to take you karmic lessons with grace without complaining or judgement, be more flexible in all areas, try to think outside the box, and accept that the results of your hard labor might come through with delays and difficulties. But all these ‘hiccups’ and challenges are occurring in your life strictly for personal growth and development of a new, better version of you life, *if you allow it.

The second part of August will be POWERFUL! Both planets of strength, energy and achievement – Sun & Mars – will find themselves in strongest positions🔥 This means the time has come for ACTION! Act with dedication and determination! This is the time to materialize the bravest ideas into life! This is also the time of displaying leadership qualities and taking on responsibility! Don’t be afraid to let your true colors shine! The flip side of such vast amount of planetary energy can bring impulsivity and conflict. It’s important to send this energy in the right direction! For starters, physical fitness is a must! Send this energy into achievement of goals, work, scaling up your projects and massive expansion!

Also, keep in mind we are expecting a Full Moon on August 3d and a New Moon on August 18th. Hence, between August 4th and 17th the Moon is waning. This time is good for finishing projects, fasting, cleansing of space in and around you.

Since the Moon is dealing with our emotional side, the weaker days are August 17th, 18th, 25th and 26th. Things to keep in mind on these days:

  • try not to get into conflicts
  • don’t jolt your nervous system
  • keep track of your speech and thoughts
  • best to rest or spend time in peace and quiet
  • do not consume alcohol
  • don’t spend too much time in social media

Please use this knowledge to plan your month and watch the going get easier😚

Sending blessings to everyone reading this!

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“8 Secrets To OWN Your Life” Webinar

You cannot build a bright FUTURE without healing the PAST

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In This Webinar You Will Learn How To Transmute The Subconscious Into Conscious So That It Aligns With YOUR Dreams and Desires, Activate Your Super Powers, and Manifest The Next Level Of Your Desired Reality With Ease, Grace, And Most Importantly, STRESS-FREE!

In a little over an hour I’ve summarized years’ worth of knowledge gathered across numerous trainings and practices that span across multiple sciences examining energy flows, psychology, self healing and meditation. When practiced daily, the 8 truths shared in this video will help you activate YOUR inner warrior, awaken your intuition, heal past trauma experiences and aid in avoiding stress from accumulating in the future.

I’m offering this at a fraction of the usual investment because I know how important this work is – now more than ever.

💎 Here is what you will find in this Webinar:

💎 Resourceful Person. WHO it is and WHY you want to become one.

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💎 Breaking the self-feeding loop of STRESS.

💎 The secret to Multitasking.

💎 How to exit a Panic Attack.

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The Details:

💎A resourceful person is someone who can handle a stressful trigger, digest it and let it pass through his/her body without leaving any residue, with the exception of the lesson learnt. In this resourceful manner we may fall but always rise again with renewed appreciation for who we are and what we are capable of BUT without traumatic sediment that is inevitably going to turn into disease, if left unattended.

💎 We all know that our THOUGHTS lead to ACTIONS and ACTIONS in turn form our REALITY. But did you know that 90% of our thinking is ruled by our subconsciousness, a set of programs and beliefs picked up sometime during our early childhood? So, if your reality is less than perfect, you know where to look – thats right – your subconsciousness. I provide details, examples and tools to take apart and reconstruct the limiting side of your subconsciousness and align it with your DESIRED NEW REALITY.

💎 We all have heard about intuition, but most people rarely let it guide them. In this webinar I share an exercise that will never lead you astray when making an important life decision with the help of your.. you guessed it.. INTUITION.

💎 Find tools for how to break the self-reinforcing cycle of stress triggered imbalance.

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Resourceful Person

Our lives are beautiful and multidimensional. Every single one of us has goals, dreams and ambitions. But why do we sometimes feel as if we do not have enough resources to accomplish all that we set out to do? Sometimes we feel so drained, unmotivated and weak – so we wonder what we are doing wrong. Below are two lists. One highlights our most common areas where we leak prana or our life energy and the other one shows areas where we generate and expand life force within us.

❌We lose energy when we:

  • Are not following our life path. Not sure what your life path is, not a problem! You can find out here. Best $10 you can spend right now!
  • Are in relationships with people who are not interesting to us.
  • Agree to something against our will.
  • Convince ourselves to “suck it up” without having a clear understanding what for.
  • Smile when we want to cry.
  • Get offended without the courage to voice our dissatisfaction or something that is deeply bothering us.
  • Communicate and keep up with negative, never satisfied people.
  • Gossip excessively, spending too much time discussing other people’s lives.
  • Work in a boring, uninteresting career.
  • Blame or shame ourselves for something we have done in the past.
  • Are afraid of changes or letting something new into our lives.
  • Wait for someone or something to come and fix all of our problems.

✅We gain and strengthen the energy flow into our lives when we:

  • Surround ourselves with positive people.
  • Are friends with people who believe in us and support all of our beginnings.
  • Make new friends.
  • Try new things, forming new neurological connections.
  • Create and express ourselves artistically.
  • Travel.
  • Gain new knowledge.
  • Defeat our insecurities and fears.
  • Work on our physical body – active lifestyle, sports, sauna.
  • Go for joy rides and walks, catching pleasure in everything that we do.
  • Cleanse the physical space – clean, de-clutter, fix things up, renovate, improve everything that surrounds us.
  • De-clutter our emotional space – let go of the unnecessary, dead-end relationships.
  • Do exactly what we want to do.
  • Put ourselves and our own self-worth in the first place before all others!

Try to change your perspective, adopt these life-savers and observe how the world around you starts to dance with vibrant colors, bringing you immense rewards and strengthening the feeling of inner joy.

More importantly still, remember, that it is not the final destination that holds the biggest reward, but rather the journey itself – the highs and lows, victories and defeats, conquering of self and new possibilities for body, mind and spirit!

Every single one of us can change their life by changing their thoughts, all you need to do is take the first step. The choice is yours!

Drop a comment below if you have a question or something to share. I would love to hear from you!

The time to OWN your life is NOW!



Mercury Joins the Retro Group

On June 18th, Mercury started its retrograde motion, joining retro group of planets: Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. Reminder: all this is layering over the Corridor of Eclipses.

So, what do we have as a result? “A hot mess,” some might call it. Others might say its the worst time of their lives. I call it a beautiful transformational opportunity.

You probably already know what Mercury Retrograde means. In case you don’t, here is a brief write up.

  • Mercury goes retro about 3 times a year
  • Expect telecommunications and technology in general to falter and be extremely glitchy
  • Misunderstanding, miscommunication, sent the wrong text to the wrong person type of scenarios will be occurring
  • Things from the past might surface up that you will need to re-visit. Think any RE-action: revise, recheck, resend, redo, reorganize, restructure, replenish, refill, restore, refresh

Add karmic cleansing of the Corridor of Eclipses that is happening right now, expect to be tested. So be diligent, don’t fall into the trap of anger, frustration, inability to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Trust that this too shall end and the going might even get easier if you approach this time with consciousness of being present in the moment. Being present with whatever it is that you are dealing with right now.

It is sooooo important to give ourselves space during this time to feel, all the emotions that come up, good or bad, they all have a place to be.

Mercury retro might present a situation or emotion that you will need to re-visit, which gives us an opportunity to improve our reaction. So a chance for growth is here if you are willing to recognize and take it.

Do not get frustrated if things are not going your way.

Breathe deeper.

Go outside more.

Be patient with others around you, especially those who are affected just like the rest of us but don’t know it.


Root of all Illnesses

And how to combat it.

What if I told you that all disease in your life, from chronic pain to physical trauma, is a direct response to a disharmonized relationship between your Mind, Body and Soul? What if I told you that you can prevent and heal all forms of illness simply by harmonizing the three into a beautiful biological and spiritual orchestra that is capable of self-healing, re-generating healthy tissues and eliminating all waste and toxins on autopilot?

Would you reply: “Wow, tell me more! How do I achieve this?” If so, read on. Below I share general knowledge about the meaning of Body, Mind and Soul and how harmonizing the three makes our bodies into magical powerhouses that are way better than even the brightest doctors out there. If you are thinking “Yeah, whatever.” DEFINITELY, keep reading!

Our Body is a vessel for our Soul given to us at birth, which we leave behind when we die. You probably know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Our Soul is that energy that was not created at birth and will not be destroyed when we die. It is that part of us that is Divine and all of us have it. Our Mind is given to us as a tool to help our body navigate through life, make decisions, ensure satisfaction of biological needs such as food, sleep, sex, etc. Sometimes our Mind is referred to as Ego.

When we live by the rules of our Mind or Ego, we get disconnected from our divinity and no longer can identify what serves our body and what doesn’t. The system falters and disease takes root.

How do you know that you are out of balance? Anxiety, depression, poor health, harmful habits, bad relationships, high levels of stress and financial dissatisfaction all can point to the fact that you have been playing the Ego game. The easiest and most reliable indicator however is to pay attention to how you breathe. Shallow breathing is a number one indicator of anxiety and stress ruling one’s life and indicates that the person is out of balance and most likely is disease-laden.

It is believed that our diaphragm is where our Body, Mind and Soul intertwine. Ancient practices such as yoga, meditation, astrology and vastu had this knowledge and place a heavy emphasis on breathing as a result. Wholesome breathing should start at the very base of the spine with the stomach expansion, followed by the filling of the lungs all the way up to the base of our throat.

Sounds easy enough, but the sad reality is that without conscious effort and conditioning, we simply do not have the built in mechanism to track our breathing on a continuous basis. The best way to address this is to set a reminder for every hour and a half and check in with yourself every time the timer goes off. Giving yourself 3-5 deep conscious breaths as described above is a beautiful way to connect the three dimensions of our Being. It will set in motion the inner healer and protector that will become easier to harness any time the need arises moving forward.

Here are a couple of other breathing techniques that you might want to try out and see which one works best for you.

4-7-8 technique

“Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of 8.” Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine

7/11 technique

“1 – breathe in for a count of 7. 2 – then breathe out for a count of 11. Make sure that when you are breathing in, you are doing deep ‘diaphragmatic breathing‘ (your diaphragm moves down and pushes your stomach out as you take in a breath) rather than shallower higher lung breathing.” Human Givens Institute

4-4 technique

“Inhale, breaking the breath into 4 equal parts of sniffs, filling the lungs completely on the 4th. As you exhale, release the breath equally in 4 parts, emptying the lungs on the 4th.” Viva la vida Lifestyle.

Humming bee breath (bhramari)

  1. Choose a comfortable seated position. 
  2. Close your eyes and relax your face. 
  3. Place your first fingers on the tragus cartilage that partially covers your ear canal. 
  4. Inhale, and as you exhale gently press your fingers into the cartilage. 
  5. Keeping your mouth closed, make a loud humming sound. 
  6. Continue for as long as is comfortable.

Borrowed from Healthline. Their article has some additional breathing techniques that are great for soothing anxiety, relieve stress and most importantly serve as a tool to unite our Mind, Body and Soul.

Have you tried any of the practices described above? Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below!


Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

June 5th, 2020 – the deep transformation is already well underway despite the fact that today is only the first eclipse in a series of 3 that await us in June-July this summer. But you already know it. Everyone is feeling it to some extent or another. Let me tell why you are feeling the way you are feeling right now.

For a lunar eclipse to happen we need two conditions: 1. it has to be full moon and 2. the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu have to align in a way that their position casts a shadow onto the Moon, bringing out raw emotion in every aspect of our existence.

This is the first eclipse out of a series of 3 that are expected later in June – early July. Astrologers call this period – corridor of eclipses. Each eclipse can be felt 7 day prior and 7 days post the actual event.

I like to think of corridor of eclipses to be like a storm that is needed to release the friction in the sky, dumping all the accumulated water that got so heavy that it could not hang up above any longer. The storm can get violent, but it inevitably brings rebirth afterwards: clean air, lush greenery and a fresh new start.

Similarly, these turbulent times that we are living in right now are not easy to navigate and we might feel powerless in the face of everything that is happening. The eclipse will happen in Scorpio in Jyestha nakshatra, which is a nakshatra of power, authority, and gaining courage. With the Moon being overshadowed, we might feel threatened, anxious that we lost control over the situation, but know that its merely the shadow that is being cast over the Moon today. This too shall pass and will leave us all transformed to a degree we didn’t think possible when we were writing out New Year’s Resolutions for this year 🙂

Take it easy today. Spend time outside, with family, out in nature. Take the time for yourself if you can. Practice yoga, sit down for a quiet 5 minute meditation. Take a couple of deep breaths. Take care of yourself in love and kindness. Send a kind deed forward to someone in need. Note: women and children are impacted the most during lunar eclipses!

I share this post in hopes to provide YOU with the necessary tools to be able to cope with everything each one of us is going through during this difficult time. Please keep this article in mind when someone acts out, try not to take things personally and remember that life only provides us with storms so that we can grow bigger, stronger and more resilient. It is a wonderful opportunity to shed layers of past karma if we approach this time with consciousness, unconditional love towards one another and all living things in general, as well as an open heart to the lessons that the Universe is presenting us with right now.

I wish you all awareness, peace, and patience. Please trust that the dark times will go away and the light ones will come to replace them. And those of us remaining here will be completely transformed and renewed as a result.

With love towards you all, dear Souls.

P.S. If you need further support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Also, feel free to share a comment if this was useful, if you have any questions or have an experience to share.


Astro Updates for June

Are you feeling it yet, the deep transformational journey that has already begun? It will leave us all feeling fresh and renewed at the end of it, but it also might feel like a train ran over us in the process.

Everything that is happening in the sky is our path to follow, that we must go through.

In general, planetary placement is rarely fully harmonious and auspicious. If you take into account all factors, there are only maybe a day or two out of the whole year with favorable positions for all planets. Some years even go without auspicious days whatsoever.

But other times, there are periods that are exceptionally difficult and tense. Knowing when these periods will occur, what to expect and how to behave during these uneasy times might help us cope with everything the Universe has in store for us.

One of such difficult periods has started at the end of May and will last through mid-July, intensified by the backdrop of the whole year of 2020 with Saturn in Capricorn, weakened Jupiter, and a few other planets in retrograde during this time.

So what kind of an uneasy period are we talking about?

Currently, the following planets are in retrograde motion:

  • Jupiter (until September 13th)
  • Saturn (until September 29th)
  • Venus (until June 25th)

Jupiter and Saturn – are planets that surface up a lot of our karma as is, so when they go retrograde, even more karmic knots from the past get untangled in a form of various situations, people and events that sometimes can feel like that big old train heading right for you and you are stuck on the rails and cannot get off. When both of these planets go retro, serious karmic lessons will be coming up for us both, communally and individually.

Things may also slow down around us and just would not be able to move any faster, so expect unforeseen external delays in everything.

Everybody has been waiting for June and the end of quarantine hoping to go back to normal lives. Unfortunately, a lot of effort will be required to return things back to normal. Retro Saturn and Jupiter on the first chakra are telling us that we will need to build things up from zero, ground up, starting from the very bottom.

Venus is retro only for a short period of time, until June 25th. During times when Venus and Jupiter are retro, engagements and weddings are not recommended. Venus is responsible for our romantic partnerships, so when retrograde, it can cause complications and delays in relationships. Best things to do right now is to apply yourself in art of some kind.

On June 18th, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjoined by retro Mercury, but only for a little bit (until July 12th). This will give us 4 planets in retro in the month of June!!

What does this mean? Each planet rules 2 houses in our natal chart, so 8 total houses out of 12 will be impacted by some sort of delays, mishaps or misunderstandings.

Moreover, June of 2020 will bring us a corridor of eclipses, consisting of 3 eclipses: 2 lunar eclipses and 1 solar. Eclipses happen every year, but not often do we have 3 in a row, and not always do they coincide with the most difficult periods, such as we are going through right now.

  • June 5th – lunar eclipse in Scorpio
  • June 21st – solar eclipse in Gemini
  • July 5th – lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

It is known that we are starting to feel the impact of the eclipse 7 days ahead of time and 7 days afterwards. These days are not favorable for any new beginnings or any important business in general.

It is very important to keep level head during these times, not to act without thinking, don’t take out loans or open any new accounts, etc.

During such difficult time, we need to maximize our efforts only to stay afloat. Something that was flowing to us effortlessly and naturally in the past will require 10x the effort to maintain. Just be prepared and patient.

The only planet that will serve as our saving grace in the month of June is Mars. While the rest of the planets are moving in retro motion, and our light sources (Sun and Moon) are being overshadowed with eclipses, Mars can provide us with an outlet to harmonize things more or less. But even Mars is not fully ‘healthy’ in June, since it will be going through the signs ruled by Saturn, which is retro right now, and on June 18th it will enter into the sign ruled by Jupiter, which is also retro. So, while Mars is not going to go retrograde on us directly, the signs that it will be going through are impacted by the retro motions of Saturn and Jupiter.

Nevertheless, Mars is the ‘healthiest’ planet for this month, so aligning your energy with it will serve as tremendous help to those of us who pay attention to the areas of our lives for which Mars is responsible.

So what does Mars cover in our lives? Actions! That is why the key phrase for the month of June is “DO! DO! DO!” Do anything and everything. Act in all possible directions! Do something that interests you in terms of self-development, physical exercise, health, art and creativity. Do anything that will strengthen your financial situation, since Jupiter is debilitated, and money is getting tighter and tighter. We all are supposed to be running just a tad faster right now in order to achieve some sort of results.

Pay attention to your travel plans and keep in mind that things might go off rail and unexpected events might throw a monkey wrench into your travel agenda, and things might not go as planned.

Having said all of this, when looking at June from a higher perspective, we understand that karmic lessons are beautiful. When we go through trying times, we grow. We will not grow in comfort. We need trials, such as June is going to present us with, in order to level up. And this month is perfect for working off our past karmic knots. We should feel much lighter starting mid July and even lighter still by the end of September.

I wish you all determined hard work, active time spending and amazing progress in self-growth and development.


Saturn Harmonizaton

Saturn (or Shani in sanskrit) is the energy of justice, fairness, and discipline, but, at the same time, kindness, patience and true acceptance. Saturn serves as our karmic Teacher, and can give punishments in a form of illnesses, jail, and death.

Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn in January 2020, which gave him super strength. Moreover, since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, this position is further intensified. Given that Capricorn loves hard work and Saturn is our karmic teacher, this astro combination is very likely to present humanity with opportunities to karmically cleanse their past actions during this time. Expect justice to be served to us ALL, on ALL levels.

Our job is to embrace this period as a graceful course guide, accept what is and focus on the NOW. With our daily actions we keep planting seeds for the future, whether they are good or bad will depend totally on the quality of the seed that we choose to plant today.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet in our solar system. On average it takes it 2.5 years to go through one Zodiac sign. So, given that we are here for a good bit, below are some of the ways you can harmonize Saturnian energy in your life (translated by me from the book Planets by Svetlana Budina, originally published in Russian):

Discipline and Dharma

– In relationships
– At home and at work
– In details
– In daily regime
– Responsibility

Physical Body and Health

– Yoga
– Running
– Trampoline
– Active games
– Swimming
– Dancing

The Ability to Rest and Relax

– Live out in nature (OWN note: or at least spend as much time outdoors as possible)
– Plan vacations
– Water treatments (spa, sauna, hot tub, etc)
– Regular massages
– Comfortable bed for sleeping
– A hobby that you love
– Alternation of physical activity with mental
– Music and arts

Working with the Fears and Limiting Beliefs

– Meditation
– Studying psychology
– Individual coaching
– Art therapy

Working with the Sadness

– Awareness
– Find a hobby
– Smile more
– Humor
– Comedies
– Practice yoga
– Keep the journal of gratitude
– Praise yourself
– Hang out with positive people
– Any physical activity is mandatory
– House pets cure sadness

Color Therapy

– Decrease the amount of black color in your wardrobe
– Add bright colored scarves and accessories
– Hang nice art around your home
– Add bright splashes of color in your home decor
– Buy nice flowery dinnerware
– Change your hair color (stay away from back)
– Renovate your home or a part of it, bringing in fresh light into it

I hope this sacred ancient wisdom finds a place in your heart, dear Reader, for the highest good of every Soul involved 🙏🏼


When will COVID-19 end?

With everything going on in the world right now, a lot of people are wondering when this whole COVID-19 thing will end and what to expect coming out of the quarantine, something the world is so desperately trying to do right now. Those keeping up with astro events in the sky know that ALL of 2020 will prove to be NOT easy. The month of May in particular is full of yet another array of events that will blow additional wind onto an already existing fire. That said, “not easy” does not mean the end of the world.

The snapshot of the month of May with the outline of retro moving planets.


You might have heard that Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn in January of 2020, and brought the whole world into a phase of karmic straightening out of affairs, both current and from the past, both individual and communal. Saturn is our teacher that makes sure that the scale of karmic justice is at an equilibrium.

If we wronged someone in this life or last, this period would be the time when life presents us with opportunities to pay it back and make amends. If we mistreated an area of our life in the past, events will keep coming up that will force us to revisit and re-approach that area and hopefully fix it in a way that will prevent it from occurring again. Conversely, if have sown good karmic seeds in the past, right now is the period when we can expect the fruits of our past efforts to ‘pay’ us back.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet in our Solar System and will not fully leave its sign of Capricorn until 2022, so stock up on patience, we are here for a minute. In addition, on May 12th Saturn will start moving in retrograde motion until the end of September 2020. When such an important planet as Saturn goes in retrograde motion, we can expect double the enforcement of karmic ‘rewards.’ The quality of a reward that you will get will depend on the quality of the seeds that you planted.

Saturn also makes sure that we are following our dharmic path. When we step on the wrong path and are not moving in accordance with our calling in life, Saturn might bring depression, sadness and tension. This can play out in multitude of events that might come across as unpleasant, but in reality Saturn is just reminding us to follow our intended path in life. The best way to harmonize Saturn this summer is to make sure that we follow our talents and our calling in life, spend as much time as possible outside in the nature, practice yoga, serve others, express patience with those around us and ourselves.


On May 13th, Venus – a planet of romance, love, luxury and beauty, will also start its retro movement. It will keep moving in retrograde motion until the end of June. Some of the expressions of retro Venus are jealousy, attachment to a partner or material world, misunderstandings in relationship, etc. This is a perfect time to harmonize your relationships with others, especially with your loved one. This is also the time to demonstrate faithfulness to your partner, even in one’s thoughts. Any efforts spent in direction of improving your relationship with your partner will lay positive foundation for years of happiness and fulfillment in your love life.


The planet of wisdom, Dharma and finances – Jupiter, goes in retro motion on May 14th until mid September. We have already started feeling the impact of weakened Jupiter since late March, when it entered an uncomfortable for itself sign of Capricorn. Think global financial crisis.. This will continue and might even exacerbate with Jupiter going into retro movement. The best way to harmonize Jupiter is by regular donation towards charitable causes, selfless good-doing and volunteering, as well as staying away from gossip or criticism. Criticism of any kind simply cuts off the path towards our well being and financial abundance!

To Sum Up

So, as we can see, those who are expecting a miraculous bounce back from COVID to normal are not likely going to see it anytime soon. Similarly, those who expect the end of the world, will probably be disappointed as well. These transitions happen on a recurring basis and are here for us to grow and learn. If we focus on the idea that for every action there is a reaction and pay extra close attention to make sure that we only plant good seeds with our thoughts and actions, these karmic periods will go smoothly for us. If we, on the other hand, carelessly go through life neglecting the lessons that life tries to teach us and don’t apply said lessons to self-growth, these karmic transitions will be a bit rougher in their nature and the going will get tougher in general.

Understanding what is happening in the skies above will ensure the smoothest and most effective transition through these difficult times. More importantly yet, we need to understand that astro events are just the backdrop. What really counts during these times is how we think and act, as these are the seeds that we are planting right now for the years and lifetimes to come.


Akshaya Tritiya 2020

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akti or Akha Teej, is an annual spring time festival celebrated by the Hindus, Jains and anybody following Vedic way of living. It signifies the “third day of unending prosperity.”

This year Akshaya Tritiya falls on April 25th-26th, late afternoon – early morning EST, with beneficial effects lasting through the 28th of April. It is considered to be the best time for starting any new projects, negotiations, planning, writing down goals and dreams. It is the only day in a year when both Sun and Moon are exalting at the same time, reaching their peak. A strong position of these royal planets brings us all luck, prosperity, immense strength and ease in anything we do.

The word “Akshaya” meaning the never diminishing in Sanskrit is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and success and considered auspicious for starting new ventures.”Tritiya” means third lunar day, one of the most favorable days in a lunar cycle to start anything new. Akshaya Tritiya happens only once a year, do not miss this chance to launch your most sacred desires into their manifested form!

This year’s Akshaya Tritiya is special in a way that there is a strong connection between the Moon and Venus, so any creative projects, anything involving art, music, writing, beauty – all will have favorable outcomes.

Even the weakest boat will get to its destination if it catches a strong current. Similarly, even a confused and undetermined person can achieve his or her goal if he or she starts acting during this time.

This is time for ACTION and manifestation of dreams. Everything that we lay down in our consciousness during this time, soon will materialize in our lives. This is the time for making YOUR DREAMS come TRUE.

Things to do tonight-early tomorrow morning:

  • Create a vision board
  • Set, write down and visualize your dreams, plans and goals
  • Take care of any business that needs attention, the obstacles will fade away on their own and the stars will ensure that the results are long lasting and positive
  • Create anything that you have been thinking about but haven’t had a chance to do. Start that blog, paint that painting, write that intro to your book.. The possibilities are endless.

What you should NOT do today and tomorrow:

  • Borrow money. Those who give today will further establish the flow of abundance in their lives and those who take are further digging a hole of lack and scrambling by
  • Argue with anybody or try to resolve any relationship issues or disputes
  • Be selfish
  • Be sad or unhappy

I sincerely hope this post came to be of help and use to you! May you manifest only the best things for you and yours and may prosperity and success be a part of your life this year and always!

With love towards you all, the time to OWN your life is NOW!



Jupiter Transit 2020

You might have heard that Jupiter entered Capricorn, a sign of its debilitation, in late March 2020. Jupiter, also known as Guru, is the kindest and wisest planet in our charts. It is also the biggest planet in our Solar System. Given its size and beneficial nature, it’s shifts through Zodiac Signs are felt by everybody, without exceptions, whether you realize it or not. So it’s kind of a big deal! Especially when it is weakened! The whole world feels it in a form of financial crisis, soaring criticism, amorality and chaos in general. Last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was 2008. Coincidence? Not likely.

Vedic Astrologists observe that Jupiter’s placement in our natal charts is tightly associated with our finances, luck, spirituality and mentors. Its transit through Capricorn significantly weakens it though and, as a result, all the good qualities that this planet has to offer are ‘suffering’ right now.

But not all things are lost! And there are ways to alleviate this difficult transit and its impact on your individual life. Not surprisingly, methods to harmonize your relationship with Jupiter during this transit are similar to the harmonization methods of Jupiter as your Soul Planet.

One of the most important things to remember and adhere to as far as Jupiter is concerned is charity and staying away form criticism or judgement of anybody or anything, including yourself.

Thursday is the best suited day for charitable donations. But as my astrology teacher always says “there is no bad days for good doing or giving.” The more you give – the more you get! It is an energy exchange, and Jupiter is the planet that keeps track of all that we give and ensures that we get a corresponding amount. And I am not just talking about money here. Its also one’s dharma, luck, wisdom, adhering to laws, especially the unwritten ones, and quality of teachers along with knowledge that they bring.

What are we seeing already? Criticism of world governments, teachers, astrologers and doctors is soaring. Changes are being made to the laws and regulations establishing new routines and approaches to daily lives to accommodate for COVID-19. Worries about money are intensifying, with markets uncertain on what will happen to the global economy once everything is said and done. People are losing jobs, savings, and the feeling of stability under their feet.

Times like these are not accidental and are here for a reason. The reason being — our communal and individual growth. Think of it as a test. The Universe is just checking to see if we can manage a situation like this with morality and dignity, and, most importantly, without resorting to criticism.

All of us are born on Earth in order to work through our karma. If we had nothing to work on, we would not have been on Earth. That is why the more various ‘trainings’ or ‘test situations’ like this we undergo and grow out of, the less work will be left for our future lives. Isn’t it beautiful?

That is why the best attitude towards everything that is going on – is gratitude. A new, interesting and important karmic ‘training’ is ahead for all of us!

Skies can tell us so much about what’s to come and give us guidance on how to handle it, if we only learn to listen✨


Soul Planet – Rahu

Technically Rahu is not a planet, but is rather a lunar node. However, for the purposes of this article and the theme of Soul Planets, I will be referring to it as a planet.

Rahu is one of the most revolutionary and rebellious planets. It’s always moving in retrograde motion, aka backwards. Similarly, people with highlighted energy of Rahu always stand out in the crowd, they are not like others. They have a ton of ideas, revolutionary spirit, and are not afraid of massive global projects. Rahu’s energy is limitless and expansive. A person with strong Rahu can create a business, scale it massively and become hugely successful as a result.

However, there is also a negative side to Rahu and its limitless nature – any type of illusion, drugs, alcohol, night life with artificial lighting, gambling, gaming, etc. Sometimes, its really hard to stop once you are there.

A person with a Soul Planet Rahu came to Earth to limitlessly serve others through social realization and creation of new massive projects and technologies to better societies.

It is worth noting that our modern world is so full of Rahu’s energy that people with a truly harmonious Rahu can be found very rarely. So as a good rule of thumb, it is important for all of us to keep improving our relationship with this planet.

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Rahu if you are:

Not interested in alcohol and other intoxicants – Rahu is an energy of smoke and illusion that clouds good judgment and ability to see reality. People with harmonious Rahu stay away from illusions and temptations. Moreover, they are inspired by the clarity of mind, and feel like it is their super power. That is why they are not interested in any kind of intoxicants whatsoever.

Inventive – all ground breaking technological advancements such as internet, smart digital devices, and self driving cars were invented under the good influence of Rahu. This energy, if used for good, can birth phenomenal ideas and projects.

Capable of controlling your desires – Rahu does not know limits. This energy wants everything in an immediate fashion without thinking or worrying about the consequences. A harmonious Rahu enables people to control their desires by consciously filtering out the ones that are excessive or unnecessary and keeping the beneficial ones. This approach prevents the rise of addictions and their consequences.

Striving towards everything natural – mental illnesses are very widespread in big cities, partially because of the constant glow of the artificial lights and processed food full of chemicals – all result of Rahu’s influence. A harmonious relationship with Rahu gives people the desire and ability to spend a lot of time out in nature, strive towards eating natural foods, wear clothes made out of natural fabrics, use natural make up and follow a natural rhythm of the day.

Generous and selfless – Rahu is a material illusion. People with harmonious Rahu recognize that material world is built on illusion and is transitory. They understand that it is pointless to try to hold onto anything material given that we cannot take any of that with us when we die. The only thing of importance that we can take with us into our next realizations is fruits of conscious growth, kindness and actions in this life.

Ways to harmonize Rahu:

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Avoid gaming and gambling
  • Limit time spent watching TV, getting lost watching people living illusionary lives
  • Spend as much time out in nature as possible
  • Eat healthy natural foods
  • Maintain cleanliness at home and in relationships
  • Wear clothes made out of natural fabrics
  • Explore homeopathic medicinal solutions before turning to a pharmacist
  • Keep your promises, don’t lie or cheat
  • Organize massive charitable events and projects

So how do you feel your Rahu is doing? Remember, that we are all here to learn and grow and Rahu is one of the energies that is so vast and all encompassing that paying attention to its harmonization is something to keep in mind regardless of whether it is your Soul Planet or not. Leave a comment below if you have anything to share! XOXO, Oksana