Soul Planet – Jupiter

Jupiter is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. It has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Jupiter is a planet that gives us wisdom, true knowledge, righteousness of thought, wealth, innate unconditional love towards every living being, a good partner to women and a lot of children. These people can be gurus, mentors and teachers.

Jupiter that is not harmonized shows through in problems with morality and ethics, issues with a spouse and partners, lack of desire to have children, a certain misalignment with the energy of money, criticism of others, extreme fanaticism and lack of flexibility in relationships and daily life, pride of large amounts of information that never transformed into knowledge. 

People with unharmonized Jupiter only see and accept their own truth. They do not listen to advice from others until they see first hand that it is correct and take it as their own rule. Sometimes standing firm on your convictions is good, for example “I know alcohol is bad and I am not listening to anybody telling me otherwise,” but for the most part this fanaticism, stubbornness and inflexibility are self-limiting and do not let the person progress further. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with planet Jupiter if you are:

Wise – such a person is able to see any given situation from every angle and predict all possible outcomes depending on which actions are taken. This is exactly why an older person is so much wiser than someone who is young – sheer life experience that turns into wisdom. A harmonious Jupiter opens up our minds to the experience that we have accumulated across millions of our past lives and allows us to access that wisdom when dealing with daily tasks. This wisdom that spans across lifetimes is a true gift that Jupiter gives us. 

Optimistic – Jupiter is the happiest planet. A person with good relationship with Jupiter sees more good around than bad, more opportunities than obstacles, more positive than negative.

Benevolent  – harmonious Jupiter allows a person to see that every person that we meet along the way is our teacher, and that every life situation that we come across is our school, teaching us lessons and then testing our knowledge against what we have learnt. If this understanding is present then one treats everyone with kindness and acceptance and is not critical or judgy towards anybody.

Kind and respectful towards all forms of life and willing to create good – an unharmonious Jupiter makes a person greedy and not willing to share, adding constant worry or anxiety about the money. Sometimes a person might not even feel comfortable to give a complement. If you think or hear phrases such as “I’ll start giving once I have more money,” “I would love to give but honestly I do not have enough for myself,” it’s a sign that Jupiter needs harmonization. That perfect moment to give never comes. A person who is willing to give does so regardless of how much of their own money or time they have – they always find a way – this is a trait of a harmonious Jupiter. 

Honest and sincere – a harmonious Jupiter gives a person strength to live according to dharma (fulfilling his/her role on Earth) and consciousness. A person with clean consciousness has nothing to hide, that is why such people are honest, sincere, open and calm. 

Ways to harmonize Jupiter:

  • Control your speech – only respectful and clean from offensive vocabulary
  • Do not criticize and judge anybody, especially leadership and government
  • Be more flexible, especially around the house and in relationships with the loved ones
  • Always use logic and wisdom in approaching any situation
  • Take care of children
  • Respect your spouse, elderly, teachers and leadership
  • Keep your moral compass pointing towards what is right, even in the tiniest details
  • Keep a journal, record your wise thoughts
  • Attend sacred and spiritual places
  • Study sacred writings
  • Study and explore books of great teachers
  • Practice spirituality (faith, religion, etc)
  • Be smart and attentive with money, keep a balance sheet
  • Donate time and money to charitable causes, especially good day for donations is Thursday

Soul Planet – Saturn

Planet Saturn is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. This planet has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

If Saturn’s energy is not harmonized it might show up in a person’s life as high tension and sadness. Certain fears might be present, especially regarding basic needs, for example, fear of not having enough food or lack of stable roof over one’s head, fear of loneliness, illnesses, death, war, etc. And even if the stores are full with food, a person is overly prepared for the ‘what if,’ with two refrigerators stocked up with food, or some other excessive food/item storage variety. Tension can materialize in a form of headaches, osteochondrosis, issues with skeletal structure, bone health issues or the inability to dance, and problems with teeth.

Saturn is the most serious planet out of the 9 in Vedic Astrology. It is the slowest moving planet as well. Harmonious relationship with this planet’s energy makes a person responsible, gives the ability to bring structure into chaos, organizational skills, love of cleanliness and tidiness, gives the ability to serve others, makes a person patient and serious. 

It is both hard and easy to work with one’s Soul Planet. Bringing awareness to daily emotions will reduce the amount of life situations that Universe will throw at us. Working with your Soul Planet is like preemptively taking life tests to demonstrate growth and, eventually, proficiency.

You know you have a harmonious relationship with planet Saturn if you are:

Hardworking – a person with a harmonious Saturn does not understand how it is possible to sit still and not do anything. They are constantly working to create good to others, learn to develop and grow and apply what they learn in practice.

Organized and structured – how can you do anything surrounded by chaos? People with harmonious Saturn organizes everything in their personal as well as business lives, including bringing organization with them even when they vacation. Frequently utilized tools by such a person are a journal, daily planner, lists of tasks, which get crossed out meticulously upon their successful completion, all the while the person is thoroughly enjoying this process of organization and fulfillment of tasks.

Responsibility for his words and actions – saying something for the sake of hearing yourself talk or empty promises is not a trait of a harmonious Saturn. On the contrary, this person will definitely do what he/she said will do exactly at the time when promised. These are the people that take a word “deadline” very seriously and will not compromise it to the best of their ability.

Shyness – and not a physical one but rather shyness of thoughts. For example, upon a successful completion of a massive project, knowing that the bulk of the work was done by them, they will never even think in the direction of “I am so great, what would they do without me, etc.” On the contrary, they will feel like there was still room for improvement and will try to work harder next time. This is not to say that he will not say something like this out loud, understanding that self-praise is sometimes important and will help with career advancement.

Humble – the hardest work in our lives involves work concerning self-development and inner growth. People with harmonious Saturn understand this best of all. They understand that their time on Earth is limited and that the Universe is acting through them, so they are wise with how they spend their time. This understanding enables them to accept all life situations as the Universe’s doing in everything and surrendering to it.

Ways to harmonize Saturn:

  • Yoga or gymnastics for flexibility
  • Dancing
  • Any type of sport activity, running or sport games
  • Favorite hobby for relaxing – crafting, painting, creating, music, etc. 
  • Relaxing oil massages weekly
  • Water treatments, swimming, spa, sauna, steam room
  • Diary of gratitudes, write down at least 3 things for which you are grateful daily
  • Learn to structure and organize everything in life and at work
  • Trampoline jumps
  • If the fears are really strong, consult a psychologist 
  • Meditation at the water or candle flame
  • Live away from big cities or go out into nature as often as possible
  • Smile – 400 smiles a day
  • Watch funny shows or comedy movies
  • Stay away from black color in your wardrobe

Do you feel a strong energy of Saturn within you? Or are you one of those people that is constantly arriving to all meeting last minute and have a zombie apocalypse kit ready at home 😂? Let me know in the comments below how it is showing up in your life! I would love to hear from you, dear Soul 🙏🏼


Soul Planet – Mars

Planet Mars is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. This planet has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Mars – is a warrior planet that is masculine, fiery, and feisty. This is a planet of achieving goals, logistics, engineering mindset, strategy, leadership and sport. A person with harmonious Mars is very active, a wonderful organizer and achiever both in personal and business lives. 

If Mars is not harmonious, the person gets easily irritated by everything and everybody. He/she argues with everybody, is not easy to negotiate with, and might not finish projects or might not even start them at all. The warrior character starts to show up in daily squabbles with household members or in illnesses (traumas, bad liver, high blood pressure, gallbladder, heart issues, etc).

To open up your Soul Planet is both easy and hard at the same time. Some people are working through their Soul Planet’s tasks over multiple lifetimes. But your natal chart is beautiful in a way that it shows you how to go about opening up the true talents hidden within. The more conscious efforts we apply in our lives towards opening up our Soul Planet, the less life lessons we will get in the form of various situations. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with planet Mars if you are:

Goal and victory oriented – a person with harmonious Mars sets a goal, breaks it down into measurable tasks and actions, which he/she then successfully goes to fulfill. They set high standard bars and are not going to back down until the victory is achieved.

Heroic and courageous – warrior is a person who does not give up. This ability not to give up is one of the best qualities that makes a person stand out in a crowd and turns us into diamonds amidst the dust. As you might know, diamond is just a clunk of coal that underwent tremendous pressure. Similarly, a person who never gives up, sooner or later can become of the best representatives of the human kind.

Fearless and brave – a person with harmonious Mars can act against fear. This does not mean that he/she is never afraid, all of us face scary situations from time to time, but harmonious Mars gives people the ability to act despite being scared or afraid, the ability to conquer their fears, step over them and keep working towards their goal.

Willing and able to protect – there is always someone around us that needs a bit of help and protection. Harmonious Mars gives a person the ability to stand up for the weaker. This goes more for men than women, but sometimes a woman needs to display this protection trait as well when the situation calls for it.

Decisive and firm on your decisions – we constantly come across situations that call for a firm “No” or a firm “Yes” and a person with harmonious Mars can do just that – crossing all their ‘t’s’ and placing all the dots above their ‘i’s.’

Ways to harmonize your Mars:

  • Active sports!!! Strength sports. If it is a child, then you need to teach them to achieve results in sports. 
  • Any physical activity every day. Speed walking, climbing the stairs, etc.
  • Set out clear goals and plans, structure them out in stages, and always check in on the progress. 
  • Regularly check your states of anger and dissatisfaction. Just saying the words “I’m angry right now” or “I am currently unhappy” out loud to yourself is a great start. It is important to consciously realize it.
  • Water procedures several times a day. The fire is put out by the water. Doing the dishes or just washing hands sometimes is better than no water contact. 
  • Go hiking and spend more time outdoors. 
  • Keep track of your speech. Poor intonation and dissatisfied speech further intensify anger. You can try singing military jodies.
  • Yoga pose “Lion” 3 times a day helps vent some of the Mars’ energy outwards. 
  • Playing a roaring tiger with young children. 
  • Cooking food over open fire, using knives or kitchen appliances when preparing meals. 
  • Meditation at the fire, burning candle, or a fireplace. 
  • Regular detoxification of your liver (book by Andreas Moritz “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” is recommended as a resource for more info on this).

To sum up, it is important to transform the energy of the fiery Mars regularly into active physical activity and not to accumulate the burning emotions within!

Do you feel a strong Martian energy within you? Let me know in the comments how it is showing up in your life! I would love to hear from you, dear Soul 🙏🏼


Soul Planet – Moon

Moon is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. It has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Moon is a very sensitive and emotional ‘planet.’ That is why Moon people are impacted significantly by the lunar cycles, new moons, full moons, eclipses. During these times insomnia, worrying, uneasy thoughts and fears might surface up. If people with the Soul Planet Moon practice any mind quieting exercises, they tend to develop very strong intuition and find themselves at the right place at the right moment throughout life. Often they become professional psychologists or take on a role of an informal psychologist because of their ability to feel people. But if the Moon is not harmonious in a person’s life, then these psychologists cry with every patient visit, absorbing too much of others around them and suffering as a result. 

Lunar energy is very soft maternal energy, a sense of taking care of kids, the desire to feed and comfort everybody. The better a person’s relationship is with their mother, the more he/she is at peace inside and the better his/her relationship is with own children. Worried mind – is a source of many problems, spun up fears, attachments and even depressions. 

It is both hard and easy to work with one’s Soul Planet. Some people try and fail to harmonize their Soul Planet across multiple lifetimes. Bringing awareness to daily emotions and how you react to events/triggers will reduce the amount of life situations that Universe will throw at you. Working with your Soul Planet is like preemptively taking life tests to demonstrate growth and, eventually, proficiency. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with the Moon if you are:

Happy and balanced inside – Moon’s energy is calm, flowing, soft and serene. Hence a person with a harmonious Moon reacts to life calmly and posses the inner feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The aura of such a person adds a bit of softness and comfort to everything around them. When you find yourself around such people you don’t want to run anywhere and your worries and anxiety seem to disappear just by being in their presence.

Friendly – Moon is the only ‘planet’ in Vedic astrology that is friendly to all other planets. She does not have enemies. That is why a harmonious Moon rewards us with the same trait. It’s this peaceful friendliness towards everything that is living.

Balanced emotionally – when a Moon is not harmonious, a person might explode in emotional reactions or, conversely, be emotionally constrained and not able to understand or express what he/she is feeling. When our Moon is harmonized, our emotional sphere is balanced, our emotions are conscious and measured.

Internally satisfied – as Beyonce puts it: “Money can’t make me happy and a fella can’t make me fancy,” we often forget that internal happiness is not controlled by outside factors, but rather is dictated by the state of our mind. Moon is exactly that ‘planet’ that gifts us with inner happiness and satisfaction when we live in a harmonious relationship with her.

Open and capable of taking care of others – Moon’s energy is maternal caregiving energy. Like a mother who intuitively knows when her baby is hungry or full, cold or hot, and just the right thing to do to make him more comfortable, a person with a harmonious Moon is always ready to take care of others by sensing just what do without making it feel intrusive or invading. This care is always natural, comforting and soothing.

Ways to harmonize your Moon:

  • Observe the Moon cycle. On days of new moon, full moon and eclipses – make it a point to rest and relax more. 
  • Practice yoga. Especially focusing on balance poses.
  • Take water treatments – baths, long showers, water SPAs, swimming in pools, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. 
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Express creativity through your favorite form of art.
  • Drink a lot of water (no less than 2.5 liters)
  • Meditate. Whether it is by calmly looking at a water surface for 15 minutes (it could also be a picture or a screen saver with water in it)
  • Do the dishes (water)
  • Check in with yourself several times a day and bring back your consciousness back to here and now.
  • Develop the right side of the brain. Attend drawing classes for development of the right side of the brain. 
  • Cook and feed relatives, friends, co-workers. 
  • Participate in charitable programs related to childhood, motherhood or feeding others.

Do you feel a strong Lunar energy within you? Let me know in the comments how it is showing up in your life! I would love to hear from you, dear Soul 🙏🏼


Soul Planet – Mercury

Mercury is positioned at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth. It has a significant influence on you and it shows your true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies which qualities you need to work on within yourself in order for you to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Mercury is a planet of communications, intellect, foreign languages and astrology. Harmonious Mercury makes people sharp, logical, great speakers, polyglots, brilliant writers. It also gives us the ability to lead any type of negotiations, run a successful business and the ability to sell anything under the sun. 

A Mercury that is not harmonious gives people issues with their communications – one might talk non-stop or be overly quiet, or might not be able to formulate his/her thoughts properly before they even turn into words. Such a person will have a hard time communicating with others. and are frequently misunderstood by their listeners. Often, these people attend tons of seminars and lectures, but cannot apply their knowledge in practice, cannot focus and concentrate. Such a person might think that he/she has issues remembering things, for example, foreign words, and would often think and say that they have bad memory.

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Mercury if you are:

Curious and able to learn – Mercury is responsible for our intellect, something that requires constant toning and training. A person with good Mercury always works to keep his/her brain sharp by exploring new knowledge, which they find inspiring and motivating. Whether it be learning a new language just because, or take a course on speed reading, learn about astrology, etc. These people have the mindset of “why not?”

Clear thinker and excellent communicator – Why some people can think clearly while others have just a mumbo-jumbo in their heads? The reason is that Mercury is not compatible with our emotional side (Moon). A person with a harmonious Mercury is able to separate his thinking from his emotions. Such a person can concentrate on the very process of analytical thinking and healthy weighing of all contributing factors to whatever the situation might be. People that think clearly – express themselves clearly. Hence, their speech (both written and oral) is concise, grammatically correct, structured and clear.

Logical and analytical – Mercury is the only planet that exalts in it’s own sign, Libra. Its most favorite task to do is to gather information, analyze, structure and organize it – and this is something which the sign of Libra is the most suitable for. Hence, the better your Mercury – the more analytical and logical you are.

Communicative and able to negotiate effectively – Sometimes 5 minutes spent with an expert in any area can help us more than weeks trying to make sense of that topic on our own. A person with a harmonious Mercury understands that better than others, that is why one of their most important skills is the ability to communicate effectively as well as acquiring and maintaining beneficial relationships.

A person with a good sense of humor – in Vedic mythology Mercury is a young prince, who loves to play and joke around. Similarly, a good Mercury gives a person a good sense of humor (not dirty or perverted humor) and this sense of highness and playfulness. Such a person can notice the funniest moments in any situation and even light heartedly laugh at their own self.

Ways to harmonize:

  • Develop speech. Read out loud, recite poems
  • Form and say thoughts and emotions out loud to yourself
  • Record your speech, find imperfections and work to improve them
  • Be generous with compliments to others
  • Learn foreign languages
  • Write. You might just copy paragraphs from lectures, books or copy down recipes from a culinary book
  • Apply learnt material in practice
  • Study precise sciences
  • Learn to communicate (take classes, read articles and tips on effective communication, participate in toast masters, etc.)
  • Keep a journal. You can write out 100 good qualities about yourself, your partner, your parents and keep reading them out loud. 

Soul Planet – Venus

Venus is a planet of beauty, luxury, wealth, good taste and artistic talents. This is a planet of artists, musicians, love and romantics. But only a harmonized Venus rewards a person with these qualities. Having Venus as your Soul Planet points to your soul’s desire to work through the qualities of this planet and establish a harmonious relationship with it. Vedic Astrology suggests that this task sometimes can take several lifetimes to complete. And until you harmonize your relationship with your Soul Planet, its energy will be coming through in a distorted way. So instead of tasteful you will find distaste, instead of beautiful you will find unattractive, instead of happily in love, you will find either an old maiden or a girl that is promiscuous, etc. 

Non-harmonized Venus might show up in a form of lack of attention towards one’s appearance, not wanting to create, absence of romantic adventures in relationships, or promiscuity, vulgar behavior, excessive clinginess to partners, or to material things.  

It is important for a person with Venus as Soul Planet to learn how to differentiate between unconditional love and attachment, to be faithful and loyal in relationships, create a space of beauty and love all around you. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Venus if you are:

Attractive – not so much what you look like, but rather how you carry yourself, how tasteful your choice of clothing is, how appropriate and carefully selected your accessories are, etc. A person with harmonious Venus will never sacrifice his/her self-care, but at the same time does not spend day and night looking in the mirror. A look after multiple ‘perfecting’ plastic surgeries points more towards a Venus that is not harmonious than the other way around.

Artistic/Creative – this does not necessarily mean that the person needs to be a dancer, opera singer, drama actor or a great painter, but rather apply creativity in daily life, whatever the surrounding might be. Harmonious Venus gives a person ability to creatively solve problems and difficult situation in any given field, whether it be engineering, sales negotiating, cooking, construction, teaching, etc.

Harmonious relationship with he opposite sex – a good Venus gives a person the ability to find a good partner, build solid relationship and be happy in a marriage as well as the ability to understand, respect, support, and value the opposite sex.

Satisfaction with their material standing – a person with harmonious Venus does not lack anything and is genuinely happy with what they have. Venus is responsible for wealth and abundance, but too often we see people who seemingly have it all but are still unhappy. People with a good Venus really know how to enjoy what they have to the max – hence they are the ones who are truly living beautifully.

Kindness and ability to forgive – Venus, unlike other planets, does not gain strength from being located in its own signs where she rules, Taurus and Libra, but rather in Pisces – the most kind and sensitive sing out of the entire zodiac. Hence, the more harmonious your Venus is, the kinder you treat those around you and the more accepting and understanding you are towards everyone’s differences, easily forgiving their mistakes and only seeing the best in people.

Ways to harmonize: 

  • Create, draw, sing, play musical instruments, craft, dance, cook – any artistic expression would do as long as you keep the energy of creativity and inspiration flowing through you!
  • Create beauty all around yourself – elegant setting of the table, dress nicely, decorate your space.
  • Be faithful to your partner.
  • Learn how to differentiate between love and attachment.
  • Learn how to accept gifts graciously.
  • Learn how to ask for help (for women).
  • Take care of your appearance. 
  • For men – shower your wife with flowers and jewelry gifts often.

So, if any area in your life that touches on anything Venus related is lacking, you know where to start harmonizing your life! Remember, you are the OWNer and Creator of your destiny.

Is your Soul Planet Venus? How do you see it come through in your life?

Don’t know what your Soul Planet is? Find out here👇🏼


Soul Planet – Sun

A planet that sits at the highest degree in the sky over the place where you were born at the time of your birth is called Soul Planet or Atmakaraka in Vedic Astrology. It has a significant influence on us and it shows our true talents, capabilities for growth and progress in this life. It identifies, which qualities we need to work on within ourselves, in order for us to be able to make a quantum leap in this life and reach a new level of development. 

Sun is a planet that radiates the energy of leaders. So when Sun is one’s Soul Planet it indicates that the true talent of these people is to take responsibility for themselves, their loved ones, their town, city, country. They came to Earth to lead, make important decisions, and watch their efforts yield satisfactory results. 

Sun’s nature is very active and fiery. Sun shines onto everything without ever getting tired. If you place this fiery planet into a room, it will burn everything up inside since it possesses way too much energy to be contained in a closed space. Similarly, if a person with the Soul Planet Sun only shines for him/herself, he or she will burn up from the fire of pride and egoism. Sometimes these people are lacking confidence in their capabilities which prevents them from taking any sort of responsibility, including responsibility for their own lives. 

As soon as a person starts thinking about others and starts taking responsibility for his/her actions, their true leadership nature opens up within and everything lines up in a best of ways. Appointments for prestigious leadership roles materialize, financial abundance grows, business flourishes, the relationship with leadership improves and overall luck increases in every area of their life. 

If a person choses not to work on his/her Sun energy to develop leadership qualities, they become too egocentric, prideful and at the same time they lack confidence, disrespect their fathers, leadership and government in general. 

So, instead of shining just for oneself – focus on serving others. 

Instead of lacking confidence – realize your inner self-worth. 

Instead of pridefulness – healthy self-esteem. 

Important – respect your father, boss, leadership and government regardless of their traits of character or style of leadership. 

You know you have a harmonious relationship with Sun if you are:

Energetic – we all know that person that is constantly go-go-go. They seem to have a never ending supply of energy and always manage to accomplish everything they set out to do.

Noble – all the qualities that good rulers and leaders are known for – generosity, ability to forgive, honesty, high moral standards, aristocratism, knighthood and bravery.

Optimistic – a person that has the ability to see only the good even in most difficult and complex situations. They are full of life and happiness and are gladly willing to share this happiness with those around them.

Ambitious – planet Sun points to the notion of “self” in a natal chart and how developed it is. A person with harmonious Sun strives to accomplish something in his/her life, stand out in a crowd, attain respect and authority. In other words, a person has found an area where he or she can shine!

Independent – a person does not need to be told what to do and what not to do. They know what can be done better, make decisions independently without transferring the responsibility onto anybody else and become natural leaders commanding respect and admiration from their followers.

Ways to harmonize your Sun

✔️Wake up with the Sun

✔️Practice yoga – paying close attention to Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

✔️Establish a good relationship with your father and leadership

✔️Don’t criticize leadership and/or government

✔️Spend as much time outside surrounded by nature as possible

✔️Smile – at least 400 smiles a day

✔️Keep a gratitude journal

✔️Set clear goals and break them down into actionable tasks with established deadlines

✔️Work on developing positive thinking and optimism

✔️Keep your promises, especially to yourself

✔️Organize charity events

✔️Ask yourself (and answer!) the following questions: “What makes me happy?” “What can I do for someone else today” “How can I be useful to someone else today?” etc.

✔️Read the book “Awake the giant within” by Tony Robbins


Full Moon Wisdom

This upcoming Full Moon (Sunday October 13th) coincides with Indian observance of Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi or Laxmi is a Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity celebrated on the day of full moon in the lunar month Ashwin. Wherever this Goddess comes, she brings luck, prosperity and abundance. But she will not come to homes of those that live in dirt, negligence and constant quarreling with their partner. 

Here are some steps to follow in preparation for this Full Moon if you want to attract the sacred energy of Lakshmi into your home and life:

✔️Today, clean your home with love and care 

✔️Make sure you always have fresh fruit and flowers in your home

✔️Lakshmi only comes to homes of those who are treating their partners with respect and support. She will not come to those who fight, offend and disrespect their relationships with their significant others

✔️On Sunday, fill your home with aromas of jasmine or rose. Visualize the image of Lakshmi and how she graciously comes into your home bringing luck, prosperity and abundance. 

✔️Prepare a beautifully arranged platter of fruit (sweets, coconut, bananas, mangos, figs, grapes, almonds) along with golden decorations, pearls and flowers for her and then share it with the loved ones. You can sing 108 repetitions of mantra for Lakshmi before indulging in the sweets (OM HREEM SHREEM LAKSHMI BHYO NAMAHA), which she really likes and returns your time invested in her worshipping with her gracious presence. 

Credit “Book of Lakshmi. Sacred knowledge and practices for Goddess Lakshmi” trans. from Russian


Do You Sauna? 

A type of bathhouse where you sit and sweat your negativity out? Why, yes I do! 

Did you know? 

👆🏼Saunas used to be quite popular all across Europe in the Middle Ages but with the syphilis breakout, most people chose not to attend public sauna houses anymore, restricting the popularity of such a time passing pretty much just to Finland where the infection did not have as much impact. 

👉🏼 saunas as known in the Western world are mainly considered to be of Finnish origin. However, there are various forms of sauna experiences practiced around the world. I personally carried my love for a good sauna experience from my years spent in Ukraine. 👉🏼 ‘sauna’ is also knows as ‘banya’ in Ukraine and Russia, these two words are pretty much synonymous.

☝🏼Saunas have a number of known benefits. Studies show that regular sauna usage helps with muscle aches and pains,  relaxes the body, relieves anxiety and stress, reduced blood pressure and inflammation and overall stabilized the nervous system.

☝🏼The amount of positive and negative ions in your sauna matter! The traditional wood burning sauna tends to have more negative ions than an electric equivalent and its argued that those negative ions are paramount for a human body to have an ultimate sauna experience with all of its benefits. 

👆🏼There is also an infrared sauna but some state that comparing the traditional wood burning sauna to an infrared sauna is like comparing apples to oranges, in other words, not the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️

So, fo get your sauna on, preferably with the negative ions 😉


The Corridor of Eclipses

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 5.02.55 PM

Did you know that we are currently going through the corridor of darkness, during which our worst fears and inner struggles have a tendency to surface?

The first event that kicked this party off occurred on July 13th with a partial solar eclipse. The second eclipse was lunar eclipse on July 27th, which most have probably heard about through one news outlet or another. The final eclipse is going to be solar again and will occur on August 11th. 

This corridor of eclipses is considered a good time for inner self reflection and it is generally recommended to stay away from making big decisions, signing important contracts or taking any other actions that are paramount in their importance in relation to one’s life long-term. So, not a good time to make a career shift, move to another state or country or get married or divorced. 

Vedic astrology maintains that during this period, including a week before the first eclipse and the week after the last one, each and every one of us are bound to face the life lessons that we are meant to experience. 

Here is the kicker, depending on how we react to those mandatory life lessons, we either learn and grow and become a completely transformed new person at the end of this corridor OR we get frustrated and take a step back on our life path and will have to re-live those life lessons again at a later date or even in the next life.

So, remember not to get frazzled by the craziness around you if it seems that emotions are ruling the world for the next two and a half weeks, as everyone else around us is receiving their own life lesson and knowing nothing about this period of darkness, it’s too easy to lose track of one’s path towards kindness and peace. 

Wishing everyone love and understanding and may your lessons turn into wisdom!



Help Yourself by Helping Others

Volunteering your time, assistance or knowledge is by far the best gift you can give to yourself. Yes, you read it right, yourself, not others! Do you know why? Because we are wired in a way that allows us to feel the most self-fulfilled when we give kindness to others.

When I was growing up in the tiny village in former Soviet Union, on the territory of what is now known as Ukraine, the only measure of success, that I could imagine, had financial origins. Because we did not have any money and my parents were constantly indebted to others, I felt like having money would fix all the problems in the world for my young self and my family. I was always more optimistic than not and generally had a happy childhood, but it seemed like being able to buy more than one pair of shoes per season was all I was missing to make me absolutely happy. Well, maybe some extra pairs of jeans every now and again wouldn’t hurt either.

As the time went on, the desires started to grow in their prices. Mobile telephones, computers, vacations, but the money, or the lack of thereof, stayed the same. My parents did the best they could and they also had my younger two sisters to worry about. I knew I needed to start making money ASAP if I were to have all the things I so desperately felt I was lacking in my life. This motivation is partially what made me stay in the United States once I arrived and realized how opportune this beautiful country is. However, the years spent in the United States with the ability to buy all kinds of toys and trinkets (barring the RR Phantom, which I am still working on) made me realize that material things do not in themselves hold the power to make a person happy.

As money became more available to me, I started seeing that this ever-elusive desire to have money has been tricking me into thinking that being rich was my life goal, when in reality presence of money is just a small portion of it. You’ve made all the money you ever aspired to make, now what? You’ve seen the world, you bought all the things you wanted, are you happy? Unless, you are the lucky enlightened one, and have been giving to others all along, probably not..

You might argue that having money would make it easier to give, but the truth is that, in the universal set up, no amount of genuinely given help is ever too small. So to say that “I do not help others because I barely scrape by myself” is just another way of saying “I do not yet understand that I am hurting yourself by not helping others.”

The reason why I wanted to write this article is because I am trying to encourage myself to follow my own advice. I just finished reading a book where the topic of volunteering came up with all its benefits highlighted and above I just re-iterated what I read and cross-pollinated it with my own experiences. Honestly, I am still in the process of digesting the information myself but I already know that I cannot wait to see it manifest into real action soon. So, fly my little article into the world, next time I read you, I will know how good of a volunteer I have become!

Does anybody who comes across this self-encouragement letter have any volunteering success stories to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

And finally, to seal this post with a good intention, the most compelling success story will get a “Picture on the Boards” ($99 value) made and delivered within the United States free of charge (international winner will need to cover the shipment costs). Rules of engagement: must follow @queen_of_chi on Instagram, like and share this post with three friends by tagging them in your comment along with your success story, both in WordPress and on Instagram. The results will be announced on July 7th! Good luck – and remember to give!



Learn How To Delegate, You Need It


This is something that I had to correct in myself. Before, even when I understood that most tasks that I was not delegating out right away were weighing on my already pretty full queue, I still had a hard time letting someone else take control. I knew this had to change and here is what I did to achieve it:

First thing I did was ask myself why I behaved that way.

After a bit of self-digging I came to realize it was difficult for me to accept the costs associated with delegation of tasks. In other words, I was trying to save money by not delegating.

So I did a number of exercises that helped me slowly start letting go of the money aspect of it. What I saw was an increase in the cash flow that could easily cover the expenses incurred. Turned out, paying for third party services changed from big hairy monster into profit increasing machine. The tasks that weighed me down for months at a time started dissipating. A sense of accomplishment and fulfillment grew with each completed task, which has got to send a positive wave into everything else in your life.

So here is the summative generic version of the advice that I can give based on my personal experience: work on shifting your perspective towards delegation by working on the mental block that is stopping you from letting go of control (for me it was associated with money), and I promise you, it is going to feel amazing once you get there

Best of luck on your journey, loves!